New Andor Trailer Brings Delayed Release

A fresh trailer for the Andor series has been released, and the show looks quite exciting. The spy-thriller will take place in an era where the Empire is still growing and expanding its grip on the Galaxy. Through this show, we will see the rise of the Rebellion as they hope to establish a presence and influence in the Galaxy. 

The trailer hints toward a darker approach to Star Wars, something that fans have been dying to see for a few years. This new approach will change the way we view the franchise as we explore deeper into the Empire’s inner workings, the politics of the Galaxy, and the desperation the civilians feel as freedom slips away from them. 

A show that will stay away from the typical hero and explores the more taboo of what it means to do good. Andor, Mon Mothma, and Saw Gerrera are a few familiar faces we can plan to see for the series. As for the rest, we’ll need to wait until September 21st to see how it unfolds.

The delay in the release will at least give us three episodes to watch once it finally premieres, but Disney strangely went about this. Rather than being upfront about it and making an announcement, they released an official trailer and snuck it in. Now, with a three-week delay, Andor will be expected to hit Disney+ in late September. 

This delay probably won’t affect any other shows, like The Mandalorian; it just means that fans will need to be a bit more patient. I know that after Kenobi’s end, I miss my weekly routine of watching the newest Star Wars show.

What do you think about Andor? Are you excited to see the show? Do you hope it will be darker? What are your thoughts on the delay? Comment down below or on the Facebook page!

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