Andor Writer Reveals Shows End

Star Wars’ newest live-action show, Andor, premiered on Disney+ on September 21. But before the premiere, the lead writer for the show has already revealed how the show will end. In all fairness, it is what fans expected to see, but it is now officially confirmed by Tony Gilroy.

The show will premiere with three episodes, as revealed by the newest trailer for the show, where fans get a glimpse into the planets, the political atmosphere, and the intensity of this spy-thriller. The show will run for two 12-episode seasons, which means episode 24 will be the last. 

Andor’s End

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gilroy revealed that the show leads directly into Rogue One. His exact words were, “Our last scene of the show, our 24th episode, will walk the audience directly into Rogue One and directly into the first scene of Rogue One.” 

The two-season run may seem disappointing to fans, as we had expected at least three seasons. According to the creator, the story of Andor only needs two seasons to be told. Diego Luna, the star of the show, has confirmed that if the show were to run for three or more seasons, it would transition to animated. The conclusion of the show already revealed may deter fans from the series, but Gilroy feels confident that the story will keep fans hooked.

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

The spin-off series to Rogue One premiered September 21st, with three episodes. The official release date for The Mandalorian was announced at the Comic-Con Experience in Brazil. The directors for Andor season 2 have been revealed.

What are your thoughts about the end? Are you eager to see the story lead directly into the movie? Comment your thoughts below or on the Facebook page. 

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