Kenobi Finale Delivered The Fight of The Century

The rage, the power, the light and dark; everything about this fight was incredible. 

The finale for Kenobi had promised that we would get the “fight of the century.” Revenge of the Sith had given us an incredible match-up, while A New Hope, the original that started it all, had shown two Masters hesitant to make the wrong move. Well, the finale for Kenobi had given us an explanation for that and so much more.

Kenobi really delivered in the end. The first few episodes introduced an exciting opportunity, a few middle episodes lost the pace that fans had hoped to see, but the finale had tied everything up in an elegant bow. We had Reva’s redemption, we saw Kenobi find his peace, Lars embraced Luke like a son, and it all led beautifully into A New Hope. And, as promised, we got the rematch of the century. 

Back into the Force

The selflessness that Kenobi displayed on the ship to save his newfound friends had shown the Kenobi we had known before the Empire. This helped push him back toward the Force, and from there, it only grew. The duel between this aged Jedi Master and his old apprentice was an exciting rematch. The Force and lightsaber techniques were on point, while Vader’s body language screamed hatred.  

Vader had the rage that we craved to see. It was on par with the infamous Rogue One hallway scene. Rather than the calm approach we all know so well from A New Hope, this Vader was full of anger and a drive that was obvious and compelling. Kenobi, the Jedi Master he is, knows Anakin’s fighting style (as reminded in the flashbacks) and has the ability to overcome the Sith Lord. But not without needing to tap back into the Force. 

Vader vs. Kenobi

Vader’s Force abilities were on full display. The anger and rage allowed him to move mountains and throw them like pebbles. Kenobi faced the full wrath of Vader, and as the emotions of their past began to weigh him down, Kenobi remembered who he was, what he stood for, and how important hs role will be in the Galaxy. After seeing him so broken for five episodes, it was easy to forget just how powerful he actually is. 

Return of the Jedi Master

The weight of the rocks Vader buried him under had symbolized the weight that Kenobi carried on his shoulders. The only thing that could save him was the Force. Just as it kept the weight of those rocks off him, it can lift the weight of his emotions. And that became the catalyst to Kenobi’s return to Jedi Master.

 But, the most important aspect of the fight was Vader had given Obi-Wan the release he desperately needed. 

He no longer has to carry the burden of believing he had failed Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi Order, and the entire Galaxy. Darth Vader had freed him and gave him the chance to open back up to the Force. 

Kenobi Fighting Vader

This also explains the conversation with Luke in A New Hope, why he explains to him that Darth Vader kills his father, and why it felt like he played no role in that. The writers did an excellent job with flowing this series into the next part of the story. 

The lighting, shots, and broken mask were just as powerful as the emotions. After Kenobi defeated Vader and exposed his face, the intensity had built even more. The contrast of the red and blue reflections showed how far gone Vader truly is. A great detail in their conversation was having the mask broken enough to see the corner of Vader’s devious smile. In that moment, Kenobi found Vader feels no regrets for the life he had chosen.

The side of the mask Kenobi had broken is opposite to the side Ahsoka had broken in Rebels. The two had tried to turn Anakin back to the light but, in the end failed. Luke, who succesful with turning back his father, removed the mask entirely before he died, symbolically lifting him of the hold Vader had on him. This was another great connection made by the writing team to show the struggle they had when trying to save their friend. 

Vader with Broken Mask

I Have Spoken

Overall, this was an excellent end for the show. Hopefully it will be the season finale and not the series finale because fans would love to see more Kenobi. Especially now that he can see Force ghosts, his journey to become more powerful than Vader could ever imagine has begun. 

What were your thoughts on the finale? Did you enjoy the duel? What was your favorite part? Comment down below or on the Facebook page! Don’t forget to enter your email below to keep up with the latest and greatest Star Wars news and reviews. 

Thank you for reading, and remember, utinni. 

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