Darth Vader’s Legacy Lightsaber Review

The Star Wars legacy lightsabers are exclusive to the Disney parks. They can only be found in Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, and the exclusive hilts are highly sought after by fans. The difficulty to acquire these lightsabers has collectors feeling like General Grievous, ready and willing to find their next addition to the collection whenever they get the chance.

The hilts aren’t cheap, either. Considering the fact that fans need to purchase an admission ticket to Disneyland or Disneyworld just to shop for them already makes the lightsabers that much more difficult to possess. With all the expenses and everything that goes into just getting one of the legacy lightsabers, fans demand quality and accuracy. 

And that they received. 

The Lightsaber 

The Darth Vader Legacy Lightsaber is the one I purchased. The hilt looks identical to his in Return of the Jedi. It has the wires that stick out at the top, the black grip, and a nice shine to the chrome that all make this piece so incredible. The accuracy of the hilt is spot on, and that holds up the price tag. 

The weight of the hilt is something else. To me, this is what really makes it come to life, it’s heavy, and it genuinely feels like it was constructed with space metals. It doesn’t hold a kyber crystal (so you don’t need to buy one), but it is the true weapon of choice for the Dark Lord of the Sith. The realistic feel of the hilt is what immediately made up my mind when debating on buying one. 


While looking in the shop, I was still unsure if I wanted to leave with a legacy lightsaber. After looking for a bit, I asked the employee if I could feel and hold Darth Vader’s lightsaber. The ones they allow you to feel come with the blade attached. That was a game-changer. It made the hilt much more realistic. The hum of the sound effects, the weight and feel of the metal and rubber grips, and the surge of the dark side I felt flowing through me made me know for a fact that this will be my first legacy lightsaber. 

The hilts come in a display box, and the boxes have a fantastic Star Wars appeal to them. The box opens, and the inside is cut out for the hilt to lay perfectly snug. The padded inside allows for the hilt to be transported without worry of the metal scratching or any pieces breaking off. 

The only issue I had with the hilt are the stickers that come with it; they are really sticky and leave behind some glue. A towel with some warm water and little bit of dish soap will get it off no problem, but it is annoying to buy such an expensive piece and have to take these extra steps.

Additional Pieces to Buy

The blade is a must-have. Even if you only have intentions to keep the hilt displayed without a blade, it really is a fantastic addition. It is a bit costly, coming to around $59.99 for the longer blade and the short one being $49.99, but it is a fantastic addition that brings each hilt to life. 

As soon as you plug the blade in, the hilt makes a sound acknowledging it, and it honestly sounds exactly how you’d expect a lightsaber to sound when constructing one. The switch for Vader’s hilt blends in nicely with the piece, and once you slide it up, the blade ignites with a rush of red that simulates the blade rising out of the hilt. 

The sound effects of the ignited blade are incredible. The more you move the lightsaber around the more sounds it’ll make. When hitting the blade against the object, it will flash and give off a clashing sound. The extra price may not seem worth it at first, but the blade allows for the hilts to really come to life and make you feel like a Sith Lord. 

There is also a stand to purchase, this will display the piece more so than the box, but in my opinion, I did not find it necessary. The box already does a nice job, but if you’re looking to save some space, a stand may be the way to go. While on the shelf, it does become a bit clunky, so if you’re looking for a more elegant look, I’d recommend checking out the stand. 


Another accessory piece that may be worth checking out is the belt clip. Now, this is a very fantastic addition. It allows fans to seamlessly include the lightsaber into their outfits to wear around the parks, for Halloween, or just simply because it looks and feels cool. Honestly, this isn’t as necessary as the blade, but the belt clip is a fun way to immerse yourself in the Star Wars Galaxy. 

What hilt would you pick out during your trip to Galaxy’s Edge? Which one do you think I should get next? Comment below or on the Facebook page! 

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