Who the Force is That?! Trapper Wolf

Hello, and welcome to a new episode of Who the Force is That!? 

Today, we are going to take a look at Dave Filoni’s character from The Mandalorian, Trapper Wolf. 

He had made his first appearance to the Star Wars universe in Chapter 6 of The Mandalorian. In his introduction, we saw him respond to a distress beacon with two other pilots, Jib Dodger and Sash Ketter. He patrols for the New Republic and flies a T-65B X-Wing starfighter. 

His introduction had him in a white K-22995 light flight helmet with blue and yellow markings and two New Republic roundels. But later on, he had adopted a gray helmet with black and yellow markings bearing the emblem of the Wolfpack during his pursuit of the Razor Crest. In Chapter Ten, “The Passenger,” Wolf was equipped an A280 blaster rifle.

Before the New Republic, Wolf had served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He remained faithful to his service after destroying the Empire and joined the Rangers of the New Republic. Hopefully, he will be a returning character in the Disney+ show planned to come out under the same name. He will be a producer for that show so there are good odds.

Trapper Wolf in Chapter 10 of The Mandalorian

This was Dave Filoni’s first appearance in live-action Star Wars, and it was so well received that he got his own action figure. Trapper Wolf joined the Black Series line during the Pulsecon 2021 event. Fans of Dave Filoni and Trapper Wolf can now bring him home. 

What do you think of this character? Is this one you hope to see more of in Rangers of the New Republic? Comment down below or on the Facebook page!

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