Captain Rex in Season Two of The Mandalorian

There has been a bunch of exciting news regarding The Mandalorian and the cast that will be featured in season 2. With the Rosario Dawson playing Ahsoka and Sasha Banks presumably playing Sabine Wren fans are eager to see what season 2 of The Mandalorian will have in store for us.

Dave Filoni, one of the producers for the show has uploaded a new photo to his Twitter banner that shows a picture of Ahsoka riding a wolf. But, she’s not alone and she’s not with Djarin. When you zoom in on the photo, you can see it is Captain Rex, a clone trooper who served with Ahsoka in the Clone Wars and was able to pull out the chip that would make him execute order 66.

As seen in Rebels, Rex was taken out of his retirement to join the fight against the Empire. Ahsoka sent Ezra to him for some help and that is certainly what they got. He fought alongside them for the fight against the Empire and was there to celebrate the collapse. It seems he’s still wandering about as see in the photo.

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The photo is concept art promoting Rebels from back in 2015, but the reemergence of this photo could have significance to what is to come in season 2 of the Mandalorian. Rex is one of Filoni’s characters and has proven to be popular. Favreau, who also worked on The Clone Wars (the voice of Paz Vizla) will have some experience with this character as well.

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It will be exciting to see Ahsoka, Captain Rex, and Sabine all in live-action. Hopefully, they’ll be there for more than just one episode and can help Djarin with his journey to return the child to his home and protect him from the Empire.

What are you most excited to see for season two of The Mandalorian? Thank you for reading and may the force be with you.

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  1. It’d have to be Ahsoka first, probably because she’s been around the longest and has the most depth of the listed characters. Sabine would be second though. 🙂

    As nice as all these tie ins are, bringing the Star Wars universe a little more together, it feels like they’re pandering to fans and risk goofing via over-reach. Kind of like what happened with Rise of Skywalker. It gets back to past posts in my blog about how comic book and other writers need to think about the long term implications of the changes they write into their universe. I had a pretty long one picking on Disney and Star Wars in particular, and I didn’t even get into wiping out the original extended universe. It had issues, but a RetCon would have been better than a wipe. Fans miss Mara Jade and the Solo twins.

    Still can’t believe I scooped you on that fan film also, LOL

    1. Mandalorian is good enough for them to not need to bring in older fan favorite characters. The show, as it follows an underground bounty hunter is enough story for them to introduce a plethora of new characters, aliens, and stories to add to Djarin’s journey.

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