The Last Jedi Planets

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sandcrawler blog. Today we are going to look at the planets from The Last Jedi.


The first planet to look at is Ahch-To. This planet was where The Force Awakens had left off and where Luke Skywalker was hiding out after the destruction of his Jedi academy and Kylo Ren’s turn to the dark side. He had turned to the island because it was the birthplace of the Jedi and where the ancient Jedi texts were stored. 

The planet is located in the outer regions of the galaxy and from space, it only looks like a ball of water. But as you approach you will find rocky island archipelagos covered with green trees and grass. It is also the home of the adorable little porgs. The native species are those fish-like beings called Lanais.

The women were the caretakers of the Ancient Jedi temple and the men were called the Visitors. They were out at sea catching fish in boats built for those rough seas. 


The next planet to look at is Cantonica. This is the desert planet that is home to Canto Bight, the casino city that we see. The planet is located in the outer rim territories, more specifically in the corporate sector, an area of space where the corporations are given free rein over their own territory. 

Canto Bight was at the shores of the Sea of Cantonica. The sea is a man-made ocean and is considered the largest in the galaxy. They had some money to blow it looks like. 


Crait is the next planet on the list. This is located in the outer rim territories of the galaxy and is a salty mineral planet. There is a thick layer of salt that covers the red dirt of the planet, mountains, and valleys. 

There are no intelligent species native to the planet, but there are fox-like creatures called Vulptices that have white crystalline fur. As we saw in the movie they had helped the resistance find an exit from the cave. 

The planet had been used previously by Senator Bail Organa to set up a base for the rebels in 3 BBY but was eventually abandoned before the battle of Scariff in O BBY. This was one of the first bases of the rebel movement which later sparked the more organized and larger Rebel Alliance. 

These are all the planets that I have for you today, thank you for reading. Don’t forget to enter your email to keep up with the latest and greatest Star Wars news.

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