The Clone Wars Planets Season 1

Hello and welcome to the Sandcrawler blog planet series. we are going to look at the planets from the first season of The Clone Wars.



Toydaria is the first planet that we are introduced to in season one episode one “ambush”. Toydaria is in the Mid Rim of the Galaxy in Hutt Space. It is home to the Toydarian species and the planet is full of swamps and forests.

Toydaria is ruled by a monarchy and the king, Katuunko, refused to support either side of the war and so both sides were interested in persuading him to join their side of the war. As seen in the episode, Yoda works his space wizard magic and impresses the king.


The next few episodes of Season 1 take place in space on ships and what-not, but in episode 5 “Rookies” we are taken to the moon of Rishi in the outer rim. There we see the Republic Outpost on the remote moon, which was a listening outpost. The purpose of this station was to protect the cloning facilities on Kamino, as it was a part of a chain of others. That is why Grievous was so keen to take the base to attack Kamino.

Ruusan Moon

The next place to look at is the Ruusan Moon, where General Grievous has a listening outpost, Skytop Station. The moon was a part of the Ruusan system in the Mid Rim of the galaxy. The planet of Ruusan was originally created for the Legends video game, Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.


Rodia is the next planet to look at in the Clone Wars making an appearance in the 8th episode.
This planet is home to the Rodians and is located in the Outer Rim Territories. The planet is home to jungles, swamps, and oceans and so it hosts a vast variety of life. As shown in the episode the planet was teetering on joining the Separatist, but when discovering how evil they truly are, Onaconda Farr, the representative for the planet saved Padme and aligned with the Republic. Luke Skywalker would later travel to the planet in the same attempt at his grandmother to align them with the new republic and away from the empire.

Episode 9 takes place in space and also on the planet Coruscant, but this planet has been covered and so we will move to episode 10.


The booby-trapped ridden Lair of Grievous is on one of the moons surrounding the planet Vassek in the outer rim territories of the galaxy. The lair was tracked down by Jedi Knight Nahdar Vebb and his clones and later Jedi Master Kit Fisto had joined the fight. Unfortunately for Vebb, this was his final resting place.


This episode takes place on Vanqor, in the outer rim territories. Kenobi and Skywalker pursued and shot down Dooku on this planet. However, Dooku was able to evade the Jedi and escape with the help of Hondo and his pirates. A year following these events Boba Fett would force a Venator to crashland on the planet in an attempt to kill Jedi Master Mace Windu and revenge his father.


Starting with episode 12, The Gungan General, which takes place on Florrum in the Outer Rim. This is the home of the Ohnaka Pirates, Hondo’s infamous pirate gang. This is where they are holding not only Dooku but Kenobi and Skywalker as prisoners. The Ohnaka gang had held the planet and called it home until the rise of the Galactic Empire, which dissolved the gang. Ohnaka still found work as a smaller smuggler but was able to rebuild his name and fortune by the time of the first order, where we see him operating his own business on Batuu.


The next planet on the list is Maridun, which is located in the outer rim territories of the galaxy. The planet was covered with grasslands and giant seedpods, which is where the Lurmen lived. The Lurmen sought to escape the clone wars and settled on this planet, though it is originally home to the Amanin.

Orto Plutonia

Orto Plutonia is the next planet on the list. This is one of the frozen Star Wars planets and is located in the Outer Rim Territories. The main moon of the planet is Pantora, which is home to the Pantorans and later discovered Talz species. The moon of Pantora was the only inhabited space in that sector.


Christophsis is the next planet in the series. This is in the outer rim territory of the galaxy. This is home to the battle of christophsis and the planet was a point of interest during the galactic civil war as both sides attempted to gain control of the planet. Later after Imperial rule, the planet was raided for its kyber crystals to fuel the planet-killing Death Star.

Episode 17 and 18 both take place on Naboo which was covered in The Phantom Menace planets list, so we will move onto the next episode, “Storm over Ryloth.”


The next planet is going to be Ryloth. This is in the outer rim territories and home to the Twi’lek species. The native Twi’leks were exploited by the Hutts and used for generations. The Jedi and clone forces were able to free the planet by the third part featuring this planet. The planet was eventually lost as the Empire rose and they were forced into slave labor once again. But by the time of the first order the planet had been freed but they did not choose to support the Resistance.

This is the last planet that we see, the last episode of the season takes place on the familiar Coruscant. Next week we will be looking at season 2.

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