The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale Breakdown and Review

The season finale has finally arrived. This season has been one hell of a ride, we’ve gotten a lot more action, some incredible character development, and expansion into the Star Wars universe. We now know Grogu’s identity and we’ve met some incredible characters along the way. One of the most memorable being the frog lady. 

Hot Pursuit

Wow, what a way to open the finale. Boba Fett in pursuit of Pershing on his way to work on Grogu. This is epic, we get to see more of the Slave 1 in action, and how about that beautiful shot of the ship rising over the Imperial Shuttle. 

We also get to see a real nasty side of the Empire that was present in the last episode as we saw the conversation between Mayfeld and the superior unfold. That pilot was very passionate about his friends he lost on the Death Star, but what Cara Dune had gone through, losing a planet of innocent people is ten times worse.

The Team

Mando needs to put together a small team to get this job done and who better than Bo Katan? She has Gideon on the top of her list and the darksaber is the key for her restoring the glory of Mandalore. 

But it’s not an easy gig when Mando’s partner is a clone and is from someone who the Mandalorians don’t respect. But even with all of that tension, the Mandalorians have a bigger problem than the offspring of a debatable Mandalorian and that is the Empire. 

With Pershing captured and the Imperial Shuttle in their hands getting on Gideon’s ship shouldn’t be too big of an issue. A plan as flawless as theirs, it was no surprise to see it executed so flawlessly with Boba Fett escaping as quickly as they arrived.

The Heist

Now that they are on the ship Mando and the team not only need to find Grogu but Gideon and his dark troopers. Gideon has a lot of confidence in these guys, so it is not surprising things are as quiet as it is when they start moving forward. 

The team works well together and the jetpacks are so damn cool. I cannot get enough of seeing them in action. Nor can I get enough of seeing these badass ladies get down and kick some Imperial butt. They are quiet, swift, and deadly. 

As they cause a distraction and move forward, Mando can sneak around and look for Grogu. But, the dark troopers are all charged up and ready to pursue after them. Mando is very close to getting the door closed on the bots of sheer destruction, but one slips through and we get a good idea of how insane these things are. 

Mando set the inside of one on fire and it still wasn’t enough. The whistling birds still didn’t do a thing and so what’s the only thing to kill them? Pure beskar baby… and also a control panel that opens a dock. 

The control Room

Now with the dark troopers out of the way, Mando can move forward and the team of badass women has taken the control room. But, Gideon is a step ahead of the team and is in Grogu’s cell with the dark saber ignited. A savage man who is in a position to bargain.

Mando does not care about the darksaber and the child is no longer useful for Gideon, but would he really give up the child and just help Mando that easy after all the trouble Mando has put him through? Of course not. 

The staff from Thrawn’s puppet is coming in handy again, not only can it take out dark troopers, but also Gideon with a darksaber. And did Gideon think he could beat Mando in any type of hand to hand?

Gideon is out here playing chess, not checkers because now Mando is the rightful possessor of the dark saber and Bo can’t just take it back. Even though I’m pretty sure Sabine just handed it to her in Rebels. 

The Issue 

The dark troopers are back and now there is tension between Mando and Bo-Katan. But more importantly, there is an entire platoon of dark troopers. One was almost too much for Mando to handle, so how are they going to survive this? 

A Jedi Master

Not just any Jedi Master, but Luke bloody Skywalker. One of the greatest heroes in all of Star Wars, the man who took down the Emperor and turned Vader from the Darkside. Also, how can you not recognize that glowing green lightsaber? This gave me chills. Watching Luke go off on the dark troopers was a side of Luke that a lot of us have been dying to see. The OT didn’t give him moments like this. He took out a platoon of dark troopers. The power that this Jedi possesses is insane. 

Who else would be a great teacher for the child? They are both extremely powerful, but now we have the question, happened to Grogu when Ben Solo turned and destroyed Luke’s Jedi Temple? This is one of the biggest reasons why fans did not think Luke would be the one to train the child, but we can only hope that Grogu stayed safe. 

Perhaps down the road, their paths will cross again and we will get the answer to what happens to Grogu.

But for now, we can only be as excited as R2-D2 knowing that the child is in safe hands with Luke. The emotion that Din felt was immense. We could hear his voice cracking as he was telling the child it was okay to leave with Luke. He even broke the creed and removed his helmet in front of everyone there so that he could look him in the eyes. 

A bit of connection there as Vader’s last request is to look at his son with his own eyes. I am sure Luke understood exactly what was happening at this moment. 

I have spoken

This is sad and I am going to dearly miss Grogu. There are a few questions… Where will the show take us? What will happen to Grogu now? Will Mando, Boba Fett, and Bo-Katan all join together to rebuild Mandalore? Is Bo-Katan still mad at Mando now that he has the darksaber? 

We won’t know anything for sure until next year when The Mandalorian Season 3 comes out. Make sure you let the credits roll, there was a surprise for us at the end. Boba Fett has some unfinished business in Jabba’s Palace, or should I say Bib Fortuna’s palace? Not anymore, it looks like Boba Fett and Fennec Shand are taking the role of lords of Hutt space and this will be very exciting to see. 

It finishes “The Book of Boba Fett coming next year.” So, could this be the end of The Mandalorian? Will The Book of Boba Fett take his place? SO many questions after an incredible finale. 

I hope you enjoyed it, thank you for reading, and remember, utinni!

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