The Mandalorian Chapter 11 “The Heiress” Breakdown and Review

Chapter 10 had set us up for something interesting. In the last episode, we got to meet the Frog Lady and had to escort her to wherever her husband is, on some planet that is fit for her eggs. A two-part episode that leads to something very interesting. The poor Razor Crest is barely hanging on. 

Coming in Hot 

How about that entry? I call that falling with style. The Mandalorian really knows what he’s doing. Even with his systems down and his ship barely holding together, he’s got some tricks up his sleeve. That landing was freaking sweet. That is… until the engine blew.

This was such a sweet beginning. We got the Star Wars feel of starting in space with a planet on the horizon and then we get some comedic relief. Very well done. Is that a repurposed AT-AT? It looks like they used the legs for that crane that got Mando and the crew out of the water.

A reunion

Ok, that was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Frog Lady yelling out for her husband in their frog calls coming together. With Sasha Banks in the shadows watching? Man, they are just killing it so far with this episode. 

The meeting between the two is on the planet Trask. The frogman was good with his word and led him to the inn to talk to some people there. This is where Mando finds his ride on the boat. We get some nice imagery, the ship looks a lot like the Mudhorn, Mando’s new signet. Could this be symbolizing Mando trailblazing his way to rebuilding the Mandalorians? 

This episode seems like it is going by pretty fast. 

The boat ride

Mando is enjoying himself on the boat when the captain comes over to “show” them something. The mamacore, a beast native to Trask. This is a mean looking thing and what the Quarren does is even meaner. 

The moment he whacked baby Yoda into there, my mouth dropped. It looks like the beskar is one of the most valuable things in the galaxy right now and these Quarren are willing to do anything for it.

Luckily for Mando, there are some other Mandalorians there to help him. They come in and it is none other than the incredible Bo-Katan. If you guys have seen my Instagram, I called it yesterday in a post, so this was very exciting for me. The child had the endure being swallowed by the mamacore, but luckily these Night Owls were there to help. 


“The last of her line” as she says. To be completely honest as soon as I saw the title for the episode I knew it was going to be her. This is exciting news because she is a huge figure on Mandalore, the woman held the darksaber at one point. 

But what’s even better, is the insight we get into who Mando is and what type of Mandalorian clan he belongs to. The Watch. According to Bo, they are a cult of over religious zealots who are trying to reestablish the ancient ways of Mandalore. 

Mando has absolutely no interest in working with these types of Mandalorians, the ones who take their helmets off. That is not the way and as Mando said, there is only one way. It turns out this whole time we’ve been repeating some Mandalorian cult phrase… Nice, this is the way. 

The Plan

Well, it looks like Mando needs to be saved at least twice for him to hear someone out. The plan that Bo unveils is one that sounds pretty great. They are determined to take back Mandalore, but first Mando has to finish his responsibility of returning the child to the Jedi. 

Lucky for Mando, Bo-Katan fought alongside a Jedi in the Great Purge and she can bring him to her. But she needs his help on a mission first. Naturally, he agrees to help out but what is he going to do with the child? Use his new ally, Frog Lady. She is happy to babysit the child and as Mando drops him off, we get a good idea of how fatherly he is becoming. Telling him to be respectful and mind his manners. That is, not eat the eggs. 

The Mission

I am always happy to see some stormtroopers in this post-DSII universe. The empire is trying their best to stay alive, but thanks to Mandalorians like Bo-Katan, they are having some trouble. The team is going through that freighter like it is nothing and it is one of the coolest things that we have seen yet. They don’t need to be sneaking around like the team of bandits from Chapter 6, they are just blitzing through like bats out of hell. 

The ship is essentially cleared and if they didn’t shoot them, then they launched them out of the cargo hold. That one commander was an idiot, I’m sorry but he was just a shivering idiot, imagine having to be one of those stormtroopers following that guy. No thank you. 

Bo reveals to Mando that the plan is to take the ship entirely. Mando is not so willing, he needs to get back to the child and Ahsoka Tano, but Bo refuses to reveal her location until he helps. So, they are on their way to the bridge when they are stopped by a group of stormtroopers and two heavy blasters. Mando refuses to be slowed down as the altitude is sinking and the ship is dropping. He puts his shiny beskar to use and just presses forward, blaster bolts bouncing off his armor left and right. 

There is a lot of excitement in this episode. There was tons of fighting, whether it be hand to hand or a shoot out, The Mandalorian team did not hold back at all. The bridge has been taken, the captain refuses to answer any questions and kills himself, and Mando is finally given the location of Ahsoka Tano. 

But there is one very important piece of information. Aside from the Empire as a whole, it appears that Mando and Bo-Katan have the same enemy, Moff Gideon. Gideon has the darksaber, something Bo needs to rule Mandalore, and Mando has the child, something that Gideon needs. 

Hopefully, they team up again soon. It would be great to see Mando help to take Mandalore back, but there is the complication of the differences in their beliefs. Mando is a hardcore Mandalorian from The Watch. He keeps his helmet on and follows strictly to the creed. He knew right away that Vanth was not a Mandalorian when he took off his helmet, but after meeting Bo, I wonder if this will change his outlook in the future.

I have spoken

Mando is headed to the city of Calodan on the forest planet of Corvus to meet Ahsoka Tano and introduce the child to a Jedi. This episode gives the notion that this show will contain two different plots, the finding of the child’s species or simply just the Jedi and Bo-Katan taking back Mandalore and the dark saber from Gideon. 

I hope so because I’m more than willing to buckle in for a good 7 seasons or more of this show. I can’t seem to get enough. What did you think of this new episode? How about the way they repaired his ship? It’s rough but they did their best and now Mando has a great little nautical aesthetic going on in his ship. 

I am sure the child will be happy to never return to that planet again.

Thank you for reading and remember, utinni!

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