The Mandalorian Season 2 Planets

The Mandalorian season 2 had given us some new planets to see. We got to see some remote planets, some under the control of the Empire, and others that are familiar to us. 

Chapter 9 “The Marshal”

The first episode of season 2 kicks off on a very familiar planet. Mando makes his way back to Tatooine, in the outer rim, with Grogu to seek out other Mandalorians in his quest to find a Jedi. On this familiar planet, we meet a newer character, who comes from the novel Aftermath. Cobb Vanth, who has acquired the infamous Mandalorian armor once worn by Boba Fett himself. 

This episode was fantastic because we got to see a side of Tatooine that we are not used to; it had focused on the Dune Sea, the Tusken Raiders, and the Krayt Dragon. This episode was a great new way to look at a familiar planet. 

Chapter 10 “The Passenger”

The next episode starts on Tatooine, but Mando makes his way to Maldo Kreis, also in the Outer Rim, the same planet from the first episode of the entire series. This planet is home to the Krykna as well as the Ravinak, so I can see why it would be such a desolate place. Who would willingly go there? 

At least it looks like the New Republic is making their way out to that part of space. 

Chapter 11 “The Heiress”

Chapter 11 takes place on the moon Trask. This is where frog lady’s husband is waiting for her. This moon, also in the Outer Rim, revolves around the gas giant Kol Iben. As we saw, it is mostly Quarren and Mon Calamari who mainly inhabit this moon, but it is a hub for Outer Rim travelers with its many ports and platforms. This is also where Bo-Katan and her crew are hiding out. 

The mamacore is the vicious beast that was native to the moon and kept aboard the ship Mando took to “find some Mandalorians.” As we all saw, he was tricked by the captain, and Grogu was luckily saved by Koska Reeves. 

Chapter 12 “The Siege”

Chapter 12 takes us back to a familiar planet, Nevarro. Mando seeks help from his friends there. Cara Dune and Greef Karga are in nice positions there and now living comfortably after IG-11’s sacrifice to take out those stormtroopers, Mando taking down Moff Gideon’s TIE, and the team’s mission to take out the rest of the Empire that inhabited the planet. 

But the Empire’s grip still won’t fade as there is an imposter among them who placed a tracking beacon on Mando’s ship.

Chapter 13 “The Jedi”

This is a new planet and where Ahsoka Tano has been doing some work. As she attempts to close in on Thrawn, Mando finds her in the dead forests of the planet Corvus. Thrawn still has control and one of his puppets is in charge of the city of Calodan. As seen in the episode, Mando and Ahsoka do a great job with handling the Imperial problem.

Chapter 14 “The Tragedy”

Tython is the next planet on the list. It is in the Deep Core and is the home of the first Jedi Temple. This is where Grogu made the connection to the force and called out to any remaining Jedi that would be open to training him. 

This is also the final resting place of Mando’s ship, the Razor Crest, and where Mando becomes friends with Boba Fett and Fennec Shand. That came in handy, as Boba was willing to help Mando hunt the Empire and retrieve Grogu. 

Chapter 15 “The Believer”

This next episode takes place on the planet is Morak. It is a jungle planet where the Empire has been hiding out and mining rhydonium, the very dangerous element needed for them to regain their power. A poetic ending for the refinery, Mayfeld had blown it up with Boba’s cycler rifle by shooting the shipment of rhydonium they delivered to sneak into the compound. Talk about the ultimate Trojan horse. 

Aside from the Empire’s occupation of the planet, it looks rather beautiful and somewhere that I would like to visit. 

The last episode takes place on a ship after Mando goes and recruits Bo-Katan on the planet Trask. They seek Moff Gideon and his cruiser to recover the child, where they run into an entire platoon of Dark Troopers. Luckily for them, the one and only Luke Skywalker is there to save them and take the child for training. 

The finale was a spectacular episode; Luke Skywalker saved the day, we got to see a side of him that we have been begging for, Mando got the darksaber and is now the rightful heir to Mandalore, AND Disney revealed Boba Fett’s new show, coming December of next year.

Those are all the planet that we got to see in the new season, it will be a long wait until season 3, but at least we will have The Bad Batch to hold us over. 

Thank you for reading, and remember, utinni!

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