Galaxy’s Edge Merch Won’t Require a Trip to Disney

Amidst the pandemic and the continued lock-down in California, Disneyland does not look like it will be opening any time soon. For the people who are in Southern California, like myself, who have been dying to get their hands on some more merch will finally get the chance without having to wait until opening, on top of paying that steep price for a ticket.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge merchandise will be shipping from Batuu straight to the ShopDisney website store. There will be tons of new items available and plenty of the items that are in Dok’s Den of Antiquities.

Starting on September 28th, we will be able to order items online, items like the Jedi robes, lightsaber hilts, lightsaber blades, and more. There is even a poll to vote on which lightsaber you would like to see come out next. The options are Anakin’s, Qui-Gon’s, Ezra Bridger’s, Kanan Jarrus, Cal Kestis, and finally Lord Corvax’s lightsaber hilts. Check out the poll here.

Over the next few months, items from the other Trading Posts will be available, too. Bina’s Creature Stall will be selling some creatures online, some great items from the Toydarian Toymaker, First Order Cargo will have some gear, and finally, we can make our own sidekick from home with the Droid Depot.

If you can’t wait until September 28th and you can’t get to Florida, Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort has begun selling some great Star Wars items at the new Star Wars Trading Post. News and details are updated through the Disneyland app.

All New, Made for Amazon, featuring The Mandalorian: The Child, Stand for Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)
All New, Made for Amazon, featuring The Mandalorian: The Child, Stand for Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

I know I’ll be stopping in soon to pick up a Legacy Lightsaber, now it’s just a matter of which one.

Thank you for reading and voting and remember, utinni!

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  1. I’ve seen quite a bit of Galaxy’s Edge stuff on Amazon already, direct from Disney also. Sabers and Kyber crystals mainly.

    Personally, I think Ultrasabers and Saberforge do a much better job of getting the look correct. I wouldn’t trade my US Cal Kestus sword for any of the Galaxy’s Edge ones. Despite what some critics say, they are as well made as the third party designs. I’ve seen them tested on YouTube in heavy fighting against a SaberForge saber. They are bulkier and don’t have as nice a finish though.

    If I voted in the Disney poll though, it’d be for the lord Corvax version. The others I can all get elsewhere, and it’s definitely unique.

  2. OK, so the direct link to Amazon didn’t work, nor did my vote, LOL.

    I’d get the Kenobi though if I were you. The RotJ Luke one has a super fat neck and it ruins the look. Get that one via US or Saberforge.

    Vader’s I can’t get excited over… It looks very similar to Anakin’s, errrr Luke’s… err Rey’s (all the same). Plus they all have an uncomfortable grip with those ridges. I wonder if Disney realizes those ridges were originally made by the props department with automobile windshield wiper blades and intended to give the prop a better grip and more texture for the camera.

  3. BTW, *if* I were to be tempted by a Galaxy’s Edge saber, it’d be Ahsoka’s set.

    Maul’s wouldn’t be a bad choice for you either BUT you have to buy it twice to make the double bladed proper version. Kenobi’s will give you more of a sense of connection to the show when it hits also. 😉

      1. Expensive, but about what you’d pay for it at a third party manufacturer, and unlike some of the Galaxy’s Edge sabers, the look is fairly close to the movie version also.

        Ahsoka’s set, on the other hand, is more affordable, and is identical. Since the GE sabers have been combat tested to hold up as well as Saberforge, I’d save the money and buy that version, along with it’s nifty display case. 🙂

        BTW; the comparison video

        Very fair review IMO. A shame my Black Series sabers are largely toys 🙂

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