The Sims 4: Journey to Batuu

Star Wars has been expanding itself into all mediums of entertainment. It has since the beginning, there was always a novelization and there have always been video games to pair with the movies and expand on the stories. Well, it is getting even larger now that the Sims 4 has a new expansion pack coming that will take users to Batuu to help either the Resistance or First Order.

The interactions that users will make in the game will help determine which side wins the control over the beautiful, new planet. There will be special missions and tasks that users will need to complete to gain “Sims Points” and make their way to the top of either the Resistance or First Order. The more points users rack up the more characters they will be able to meet and interact with, moving up in rankings.

But, the most exciting part will be exploring Batuu and finding kyber crystals and lightsaber hilts to build your own iconic weapon. There will be plenty of style and color options, so this seems like it will be an exciting way to emerge yourself into the Star Wars universe and explore Batuu without the crowds of Disneyland/World.

Users will be able to get their own droids, too. So if you’ve always wanted your own astromech droid to follow you around then you will have something to look forward to, not to mention they will be much cheaper than the ones we can build for ourselves in person. The droids will be able to follow you back to your house, too, so it will be by your side at all times.

This looks like an exciting new expansion pack for Sims 4 and it seems like it will be really promising. The expansion will release on September 8th and then you’ll be able to decide which side you want to support. Kylo Ren or Rey?

Sims 4 is available for computer, Xbox and Playstation. Thank you for reading and remember, utinni!

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  1. I suspect my main irritation with this otherwise fairly exciting sounding expansion will be the same issue with half the Sims 4 DLCs; they’re compartmentalized and fairly limited in scope. Unlike the earlier SIms games, I don’t think you can use magic from that DLC outside of the little town that comes with that DLC.

    I suspect there won’t be any building or modification of buildings allowed either, which is a shame. Creating your own Batou town would be cool. How many aliens there will be and if we can play them will be interesting also. I do see the one Bith in the cover art.

      1. Well, I’d tend to agree, BUT I want to first see if it’s a real expansion with some meat to it or just a virtual tour of Galaxy’s Edge that we’re playing for.

        I’m hoping for the former. 🙂

          1. A year ago, I would have been REALLY skeptical about it, but given some of the changes I’ve seen from EA and Disney the last 6 months or so, I’m cautiously hopeful we’ll get more than that guided tour.

      1. It’s worth a look. From what I read on Steam (which probably cut and paste the Origin product description), a good bit of content like building pieces and lightsabers have to be unlocked via the DLC’s content, but I’m fine with that.

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