Cal Kestis and Baby Yoda

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order came out in late 2019 and it proved to be one of the best Star Wars video games to come out in the last decade. Many components made the game such a success, but one of the largest is the gameplay and fighting that let us emerge ourselves in the Star Wars galaxy and become a Jedi. 

The child from The Mandalorian looking cute as ever.

We were able to vicariously live our Jedi fantasy through Cal Kestis, a padawan survivor of Order 66 who is now on a quest to help save other force-sensitive beings from the clutches of the Empire. His journey is a special one, he travels the galaxy and bounces to different planets looking for Jedi artifacts, helping the Resistance liberate worlds, and get answers to his Jedi identity.


The character, Cal, is portrayed by Cameron Monaghan. This process made it easier to animate the character and by bringing in a professional, they were able to help make the dialogue much more believable and real. Modeling after an actor is a common practice and helps to make facial expressions, mouth movement, and many other aspects of “human qualities” easier to animate. It is an interesting way to go about building a video game character and an extremely useful and realistic one.

Cameron Monaghan as Cal Kestis. The actor who portrays the young Jedi survivor.

Aside from helping to make the game more realistic, could they have recruited a popular and successful actor in hopes of one day bringing him to life on a live-action show? Could Cal Kestis, this young Jedi who grows stronger each day, end up meeting Mando and the child in hopes to train him in the ways of the force? By the time Mando and the Child meet the Empire will collapse and Cal will have plenty of time to hone in his training.

Jedi: Fallen order timeline

The Fallen Order timeline takes place shortly after Order 66, the execution of the Jedi, and the emergence of the Empire in the galaxy. Cal lives for 5 years as a worker in a shipyard before he begins his new life and training. After having to use the force to save his friend, he exposes himself and we begin our story on the run from the Inquisitors.

The Inquisitors are searching the galaxy looking to either turn Cal to the dark side or kill him. For those of you who played the game, we know what happens when we face off against the Inquisitors and feel how powerful Cal becomes as the game progresses. We, along with Cal learn much about the ways of the force and the abilities that one can gain through practice, focus, and meditation.

Trilla the inquisitor with her soldiers.

By the end of Jedi: Fallen Order, we will be around the Rebels and Solo storyline. Around this time, we know that the galaxy is starting to build up a resistance against the Empire and begin making attacks and attempts to liberate planets. We don’t know what Cal is up to around this time. There is not an official announcement to a Fallen Order 2, but we do know that the team at Respawn has said, “We would like to continue telling Cal’s story.”

Fallen Order 2

The Fallen Order 2 storyline will most likely be Cal and his team on the Mantis helping the rebels to liberate cities, planets, and help to push back against the Empire. We don’t know exactly when they will make the second game on the timeline, but it would be before Rogue One. Another few years of training on Cal’s part would make this Inquisitor-killer a real threat to the galaxy.

Similar to how Ahsoka holds up against the Inquisitors, Cal can hold his own while only improving in his abilities. Ahsoka is a threat to the Empire and as we saw in Rebels, Vader dispatches Inquisitors to find her. Cal is on that same path; as his powers grow so will his presence in the galaxy. Perhaps Ahsoka and Cal’s paths will cross and they will be able to work together on a few missions for the Resistance.

The second game will likely feature more familiar characters, hopefully introducing more from the Original Trilogy, as we get closer to that timeline and start moving toward where the Mandalorian picks up, 5 years after the collapse of the Empire.

Saw Guerrera with Cal Kestis on Kashyyyk trying to help liberate the Wookies from Imperial Control.

The Mandalorian and Cal Kestis

The way that the first season of The Mandalorian ends hints at Mando leaving to search for the child’s identity, family, or homeworld. The secretive species is going to be tricky to find, there isn’t very much known about them, except for that, they are strong with the force. The only clue Mando has is to look for these types of “sorcerers” who practice that ability. 

In season 2 or possibly further in the show, Mando could run into Cal and look to him to help take care of the child and teach him the ways of the force. By this time in the galaxy, Cal will have aged at least 20 years and will most likely have been just about all over the galaxy.

Could Mando team up with Cal to help protect the child?

The question for The Mandalorian is if Mando will give the child up to be raised by someone else or indoctrinate the child into the Mandalorian clan. Mando expressed his fear of this in Chapter 8 when he says that “the child is too weak and will not survive the training.” But, we all know Mando has developed a real soft spot for the child and I imagine it will be difficult to let him go so easily.

Mando Teams Up With the Jedi

There is the possibility that to fight off the bounty hunters and the remnants of the Empire that is searching for the child Mando could team up with Cal. The quest to find other sorcerers can bring him to Cal and if Cal can keep the momentum he had from Fallen Order going through the collapse of the Empire, then he will certainly be a well-known anti-Imp, who Mando will be able to trust.

There is the possibility that to fight off the bounty hunters and the remnants of the Empire that is searching for the child Mando could team up with Cal. The quest to find other sorcerers can bring him to Cal and if Cal can keep the momentum he had from Fallen Order going through the collapse of the Empire, then he will certainly be a well-known anti-Imp, who Mando will be able to trust.

Cal will most likely know who Yoda is, as he was a part of the Jedi Order and trained during the clone wars. Yoda, being the grandmaster of the Jedi, will have to have trained Cal at some point in his journey before the collapse of the Jedi and Cal will be able to recognize the child.

The Child IS an Important Being

The ability to recognize how important this being is in a galaxy that has forgotten about the Jedi and what they stood for will be an important step in rebuilding the Jedi Order. The child’s existence could be to help re-establish what once was and Cal’s journey of finding Jedi relics and temples could help that process.

The Child using the force curious about his own powers.

Cal uncovered many mysteries of the Jedi and explored Temples (if you played Fallen Order as I did) very extensively. He knows about the Temple Guards, the need for the force to open doors and uncover pathways, and the value that the temples hold to this ancient religion.

I have spoken

Cal Kestis could be brought to life on a live-action show to help Mando save the child and keep him out of the hands of the Empire. Now knowing that Palpatine’s spirit survived, his clones are being made, and the emergence of the First Order is imminent, they will need to do whatever they can to protect themselves from the march of the Empire’s remains.

The dark saber being a part of Gideon’s armory shows that we will be needing a similar weapon to combat it. Mando has nothing of the sort and will need to find someone to help defeat Gideon. Although Gideon lacks the training Mando has, close combat against a dark saber is not ideal. Could Cal Kestis be the Jedi Master to take in and train the child or do you think he will stay under Mando’s close watch and protection? Or, do you think rather than Cal helping train the child it will be Ahsoka Tano?

Gideon atop his destroyed tie fighter  with his dark saber.

Thank you for reading and may the force be with you. 

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    1. Hahaha very good point. Hopefully Disney, as a much more aggressive and wealthy company than Lucasfilm, will push them to connect some of the stories together. A fallen order 2 that expands his story and possibly a 3rd that will let you play as Cal and The child would be legendary.

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