Ezra Bridger Has Been Found for ‘Ahsoka’

The Mandalorian had introduced the live-action version of a few favorite characters. One of which was Ahsoka Tano, an ex-Jedi and Order 66 survivor. It showed her story of looking for Thrawn; she stopped on the planet Corvus to get information from the magistrate. Her search for Thrawn implies that she's also looking for Ezra Bridger, … Read more

What to Expect for the Ahsoka Tano Series

Among the ten scheduled shows for Disney+, Ahsoka Tano is a character who will be getting her own show. Well deserved, Ahsoka Tano has been through a lot, she fought in the Clone Wars, left the Jedi Order, survived order 66, faced off head-on with Darth Vader, and has seized cities and ships with little … Read more

The Ahsoka Tano Show

[Updated 4/8/20] Star Wars has already had a long run and it's only going to get longer. The live-action shows that are scheduled to premiere on Disney+ will keep the spirit alive and bring Star Wars to every home weekly. The Mandalorian has already proved how successful that can be when it took the spot … Read more

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