DamienSaber Customizable Bluetooth Lightsaber Review

Star Wars fans rejoice! Custom lightsabers at affordable prices are not something of fiction, thanks to DamienSaber. The website offers a brilliant collection of sabers with some outstanding features. From multiple colors, sounds, and effects, it feels like I’m jumping from dueling a Sith Lord to deflecting blaster bolts. The imagination has no limits, thanks to what these custom sabers offer. But the best about these sabers is a beyond-incredible feature; Bluetooth App configuration. 

The model I got for myself is the Metal Hilt Force FX Heavy XRGB3.0 Custom Dueling Lightsabers. It is a black and silver hilt, and it looks like a beautiful cross between Kenobi’s lightsaber and an ancient Sith Lord’s. 

They offer several color options; the brighter options look almost like a mixture between a lightsaber and an astromech droid, while the gold one resembles a Jedi Temple Guards lightsaber.  

A favorite feature of this blade is it offers infinite color changing with 16 sound fonts. These options are insane. I can’t even begin with how limitless the possibilities are with these blades. One set has you as a Sith Empress, and the next makes you feel like Luke Skywalker on Jabba’s Sail Barge. 

The app customization is what really makes this an incredible piece. It gives you absolute control over your lightsaber. You can adjust the sound, color, clash sensitivity, and brightness, and you can jump from the sound font to sound font with ease. Features that only a Jedi can dream of, DamienSaber has made a reality. 

Dueling with this lightsaber feels good so far. I haven’t had the chance to get into an intense duel, but the blade feels sturdy. The plastic is thick; it feels like it will hold up against some hard swings, fast blocks, and supercharged attacks. It has a sensitive-smooth swing that picks up on motion, bringing whatever or whoever you’re fighting to their knees. Compared to the Legacy and Black Series lightsabers, I feel like this is an equally, if not more sturdy blade for dueling. The hilt itself is much lighter than its counterparts, but this will make dueling easier, making each strike faster.

I was pleasantly surprised with the sabers speakers. Turning it on, I was immediately stunned at how loud it got. The clashes, swings, and other sound effects feel like they are happening right in your living room, bedroom, or wherever you may be. There are different settings for the sound, too, so you have control if you want it loud, low, or just straight-up muted. 

The motion sensors are equally impressive to the other features of this saber. From activation while off to picking up on impact, the saber holds up as a great piece of hardware. Even Anakin would be proud of the craftsmanship that goes into the Damien Sabers. 

Overall, I’ve got to say this is a high-quality piece of a Galaxy far, far away. The design of my lightsaber is incredible, I love the feel, the weight, the length of the blade, and so much more. It charges through USB, allowing you to connect it to your computer to update the soundboard and the firmware. The sabers carry a one-year warranty, so it’s safe to say you are covered for some intense duels.  

They have customizable options and a character collection page where fans can get designs from their favorite Star Wars characters. Head over to DamienSaber to pick out the next weapon to conquer the Galaxy, save a princess, or just impress your friends. 

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