Moff Gideon Makes His Grand Return: Is He The Next Great Villain?


The Mandalorian is one of the most popular shows on Disney+. The show’s beloved main characters, Din Djarin and Grogu, have become the face of the streaming service. Fans can’t get enough of the duo, especially as they explore the massive Star Wars universe and expand on what we know and love. As season 3 progresses, we’ve been exposed to more of the established character base and planets while keeping on the theme of introducing new and exciting locations. 

Season 3 has unfortunately had some mixed reviews from fans, but no one can deny that the season has picked up the intensity with the latest episode, “Chapter 23: The Spies.” The stakes rose as the newly unified Mandalorian clan returned to Mandalore to take back their home. 

Unbeknownst to them, the Empire has used the rumored “toxic” surface to build a weapons plant and base. It is a perfect spot for Imperial officials to hide from the New Republic. But it wasn’t just some Imperial Remnants waiting for an ambush; it was one of this generation’s greatest villains, Gideon, and his newly designed team of Super Commandos.

Super Commandos from The Mandalorian

Moff Gideon Strikes Back

Moff Gideon’s return comes with a much better plan than revealed in season 2. The phase I dark troopers had met their match when Luke Skywalker rescued Grogu, and Djarin beskar spear destroyed a few. Gideon watched in horror as his next generation of troopers got slaughtered. It was clear to Gideon something more must be done. Unfortunately for him, he was now under the jurisdiction of the New Republic. 

Thanks to his tech development, his phase II troopers broke him out of prison before his Galactic trial. The leftover beskar shards found proved that his tech was developed and ready for use, opening up an opportunity for the Empire to grow in the shadows. With an amassing army and the ability to forge beskar, the Mandalorians may finally have met their match. As they, too, grow in the shadows, the Mandalorian numbers are nowhere near Gideon’s. 

Moff Gideon and the Shadow Council

Still spread across the Galaxy, the Imperial warlords meet in the shadows to coordinate and plan their return. The different sectors are controlled by different Moffs, who appear to “claw and scrape” for resources on their own. As they await Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return and his military expertise, Gideon cowers in fear. He knows what is coming for him. It appears that Gideon and a few other Moffs have grown impatient waiting for Thrawn’s return, opening the door for Gideon to demand more resources and protection and plan for his seizing power. 

Inspired by the Phase 1 dark trooper, the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, and Mauldalorians, Gideon has developed beskar armor for himself. The spikes, similar to the Dathomirians, strike fear in his opponents, with a sleek design that provides agility and a cape to enforce his authority. Moff Gideon is a darksaber short of taking over the entire Galaxy. 

Din Djarin in The Mandalorian

Not only did his return reveal a threatening new armor design, but it also revealed his interest in cloning technology. His underground base had cloning tanks occupied with something or someone. The Shadow Council even expressed concern with Gideon’s interest in the practice and his use of Dr. Pershing and his work. Gideon was a step ahead of them and had Dr. Pershing flayed by his agent on Coruscant

It appears that huge things are brewing for the Empire, as the New Republic remains desperately trying to regain control. Gideon’s army of beskar-protected Super Commandos, the base of bombers, and tie fighters paired with his grand plans threaten the beings of the Galaxy. With Thrawn’s return growing closer, it appears we will get a first-hand glimpse into how the First Order rose from the shadows of the Galaxy.

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