‘Andor’ Season 2 Directors Revealed

With season one still underway, Tony Gilroy, creator of Andor, has revealed the directors for season 2, as it plans to start filming soon. The series has been well-received by critics, sitting at 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. It took time to develop the story, and this different approach to a beloved franchise has kept fans intrigued. The success of this first season is undeniable, as it has the green light to begin filming soon. Not only that, but they have released the names of the directors, even after the recent news that Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy is to not reveal any more future projects, directors, or creative interests. 

The Directors of Season 2

In an interview with Collider, Gilroy revealed that Ariel Kleiman (Partisan), Janus Metz (Borg vs. McEnroe), and Alonso Ruizpalacios (Güeros) will be the three directors for season 2 of Andor. Gilroy also revealed that the next season will have a similar layout, with different blocks of episodes that will tie into the narrative arcs. This approach has succeeded so far, so it is justified to stick to it. 

The three directors have all had a history with television series, Kleiman has in directing Yellowjackets and The Resort. Ruizpalacios has worked on Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico, a series that featured Andor star, Diego Luna. He also worked on the show, Outer Range. Metz has worked on television series before, but his most recent work remains films.

Photo:Lucasfilm’s Andor

This eerie journey of a dead man will return, of course, with Luna as the star. Duncan Pow, Forest Whitaker, and Genevieve O’Reilly will return to season 2 as they make it to the end of the series, which is Rogue One. The rest of the cast for season 2 has yet to be revealed, as their fates are still undecided. The new and familiar faces of season one have had a good balance so far. Hopefully, that will stick with season 2 of Andor. 

Other Star Wars News

The Mandalorian will return on February 22, 2023, The Bad Batch will return on January 4th, 2023, and Ahsoka is expected sometime in 2023Star Wars The Acolyte has begun filming in Berkshire. 

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