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The Star Wars content keeps pumping. Kenobi really ended with a bang and delivered an incredible rematch. Those few weeks of premieres had flown by, but thankfully, there are 60 days until the premiere of Andor. With it rapidly approaching, let’s take a look at what we can expect. 

Season Length

Kenobi was a quick 6 episodes, and it definitely did not feel long enough, but the first season of Andor will have 12, an impressive increase. This first season will highlight his transition from war refugee to revolutionary, an exciting transition to see, as Andor had some real passion throughout Rogue One

Through this, we can catch a glimpse of what helped to inspire this Rebel hero. Tony Gilroy, the show’s creator, had said that it will eventually bring us to Rogue One and that “those first 12 episodes will take us one year closer” to those events. 

So, we can expect to see Cassian’s early life and the era of the Empire rapidly seizing control of the galaxy. As seen in The Bad Batch, the Empire can be ruthless when in pursuit of what they want. We’ll certainly see many examples in this live-action thriller. 

Cassian hiding from Stormtroopers

Andor’s Character

Diego Luna, the actor who plays Cassian Andor, has revealed a few details about his character in Vanity Fair. He explained that his character is more of a “ducker and diver” at this point, but that is because he has recently been displaced from his home planet and is in complete survival mode. 

We can expect a more selfish character, one that has not yet opened up to the notion joining any sort of rebellion, and hopes to find some safety from the Empire. Cassian is more motivated by his rage against the Empire rather than an interest to help save others. 

A Familiar Character

Mon Mothma will be a character in this show, as well. She will be the figure that shows how the Rebellion will grow and will be the star of the political aspect of the show. What is Star Wars without a little politics? Because of her character’s role, we will be taken back to Coruscant and see how the Empire has turned the city-planet into the Empire’s capital. 

Mon Mothma

This means we’ll also focus on the Empire, their political work, and how they took control of just about everything. The complicated nature of the Empire, the turmoil, backstabbing, and force choking make it an interesting aspect to explore in the show. 

Other Faces 

A few other actors set to appear in this show are Stellan SkarsgårdAdria ArjonaFiona ShawDenise GoughKyle SollerAnton Lesser, and Forest Whitaker, who will return as Saw Gerrera. 

Saw Gerrera was a major figure for the Rebellion and made his first live-action appearance in Rogue One. He will surely be an inspirational figure for Cassian on his journey to becoming a Rebel. Skarsgård’s character, Luthen Rale, will be a Rebel leader, and Arjona’s will be a Rebel soldier. Cassian will apparently confront both characters in the first episode, as teased by the writers. 

Gough and Lesser will be Imperial figures for the show and will help lead the way as we get to see the inner workings of the Empire. 

The Premiere

The show will premiere on August 31st on Disney+, and the episodes will release weekly. The story will take place on Coruscant and an unnamed lush planet, where it seems Cassian will find refuge. 

Season two will begin filming in November. 

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