The Clone Wars Planets: Season 4

Welcome back to the Sandcrawler News planet series. Today, we are going to look at the planets from season 4 of The Clone Wars. As usual, we will look at half the season and the rest will be finished with part two. Remember to hit that subscribe button to keep up with the planet series articles.

Mon Cala

The season kicks off with a 4 episode series that takes place on Mon Cala. The planet is also known as Mon Calamari or Dac and is located in the outer rim territories of the galaxy. The planet is home to two aquatic species, the Mon Calamari and the Quarren. The two species, as seen in these episodes don’t exactly get along.

The planet is most well known for its shipbuilding abilities. They had pledged those abilities to the rebellion during the galactic civil war and Princess Leia’s rebellion. For this, it was second on Palpatine’s list blow up with the Death Star II. One of the most interesting facts about this planet is the Mon Calamari were fantastic performers; even Emperor Palpatine enjoyed the Mon Calamari Aquatic Ballet.


Episode 5 brings us to a new planet, Aleen. This is a rocky planet that is located in the Jewel sector of the Mid Rim of the Galaxy. The planet is home to two different species; one is the Aleena species, and the other is the Kindalo, which are bioluminescent tree-like. The two species are similar to the last; they didn’t like each other very much and they had actually almost wiped out both of their species through constant fighting and war.

By the time we visit this planet during The Clone Wars, the landscape is dotted with Aleena colossi that stood as relics for their ancient society. Now, they decided to live a more simple and peaceful lifestyle. The clones are there to help rebuild after multiple devastating earthquakes had ruined many of their structures, new and old.

Patitite Pattuna

The next episode takes us to the planet Patitite Pattuna. This is a purple planet that is located in the Mid Rim of the galaxy and home to the Patitites. As seen in the episode, C-3PO freed them from their evil dictator and helped to establish democracy on the planet.

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Umbara is the next planet on the list and this is the start of a 4 part series that takes place on this planet. Jedi Master Krell, just about every Clone Wars fan public enemy number one is the antagonist for this series. Umbara is in the expansion region of the galaxy and it hardly gets any sunlight, which is how it got its nickname, “The Shadow World”.

Because of its location, it was cut off from the rest of the galaxy and the Umbarans were able to create technology far more complex than the galactic standard. An example of their technological breakthroughs was developing a gas that made soldiers fight longer and harder. Umbara also had large doonium reserves, which led to the emergence of a substantial mining and refining sector in its economy. Doonium was used in the construction of starships.


The next planet to look at is Kiros. This is a beautiful and lush planet located in the galaxy’s Expansion Region. The planet was host to 50,000 Togruta colonists. They had sought out refuge on this beautiful planet that was able to offer them a comfortable lifestyle, that is until the separatists and Dooku. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and the gang had to rescue the inhabitants from slavers so they could rebuild their society, once again.


The next planet to look at is Zygeria, this is in the outer rim territories of the galaxy. This planet is where Anakin, Obi-Wan, and the gang had freed the slaves. The planet was temperate and rocky. The Zygerrians had collaborated with the separatists because they wanted to keep their slave labor industry alive.

The next few episodes take place on familiar planets that have already been looked at such as Coruscant, Mandalore, and Nal Hutta, and Maul’s homeworld, Dathomir.

Lotho Minor

Lotho Minor is the next planet that we are going to look at. This is where Maul was dumped after he fell into the pit on Naboo when Kenobi sliced him in half. This planet is in the outer rim territories of the galaxy and is a junk planet. Maul was able to salvage enough scrap to build himself some legs. Maul had lost his mind on this planet that was extremely inhospitable. Acid rain was a common occurrence on the planet.


The last planet that we are going to look at is Raydonia. This is a jungle planet that is located in the Outer Rim territories of the planet. As seen in The Clone Wars, the planet was used as a method to draw out Kenobi and get him to fight Savage and Maul. What was their plan to get him there? Slaughter everyone there. That seems accurate for something Maul would do.

And there are all the planets for you. I hope you guys enjoyed the article! Please enter your email to subscribe to keep up with the latest and greatest Star Wars news.

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