Jedi: Fallen Order Update

To commemorate May 4th the unofficial Star Wars holiday Disney has released a ton of new content for all of us Star Wars fans to enjoy. While these releases are exciting during this time of self quarantining I am sure you will all get through it pretty quick.

Luckily for all of you out there looking to kill some time, Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Fallen Order has given us a reason to revisit Cal Kestis and the gang on all platforms!

In this new update, Respawn has finally listened to their fans and offers a new journey + so now you can go back to the beginning on Bracca and start up with your favorite cosmetics and with some new ones.

Sadly, the game does not allow you to start with your force abilities likely for pacing reasons since it would disrupt the flow of the narrative. The new outfit is the inquisitor Cal which gives a dark side approach to the Jedi’s aesthetic this comes accompanied with red color for your kyber crystal and other new customizations for your lightsaber in general.

Also, there are new skins for the cutest droid in the galaxy BD-1 and all of these new cosmetics are unlockable through the new exciting combat challenges. These new combat challenges are accessible through meditation spots and are categorized under meditation training. These challenges allow you to face waves of enemies in all of your favorite locations from Kashyyk to the Fortress Inquisitors.

One mode even allows you to control the spawns of your enemies given you a chance to create all of your own challenges. All of these fantastic editions open up more playability for Jedi Fallen Oder fans which is severely needed since everyone has all this time in their hands stuck at home.

Not only are these additions addicting, believe me, I tried them, but they are even free which is unheard of when it comes to an EA game. I just hope that this fantastic Star Wars content keeps rolling out and we get the high-quality games that we deserve.

Thank you for reading and may the force be with you!

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  1. VERY Nice! Real DLC would be better. Our witch of Dathomir didn’t get near enough face time for starters IMO.

    Still, new content is always good (except when buggy, lol).

      1. Good to hear you’ve got some play time in it, and it’s bug free for you. EA is kind of hit and miss after all. JFO is awesome though. I just wish it had been longer.

          1. I played on story mode, explored everything on every planet but Kashyyyk (the shadowlands are a nightmare maze) and still cleared it all in just under 25 hours. 😀

            New goodies and challenges will make it worth a second go at a higher level IF our stuff ever arrives,

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