NEW Season 3 Trailer for ‘The Mandalorian’

The time has come. Fans have been dying to get a peek at the newest season for the Disney+ hit show, The Mandalorian. The trailer for Season 3 has officially dropped, and it looks epic! The previous seasons have done a fantastic job of keeping fans at the edge of their seats, and there is no doubt that this season will do the same. 

Season 3 of The Mandalorian will feature intense fight scenes, dramatic moments, and some beloved Star Wars politics. There will be more fan-favorite characters, like Bo-Katan and Greef Karga, the well-dressed outlaw whose outfits get better each season. Anticipate more space battles, intense fighting, and fantastic-looking Mandalorian armor. We may even get to see who saved Grogu from the Jedi Temple.

Grogu somehow got cuter in season 3. It will be exciting to see more of his Force powers as he grows into a reliable partner for Mando and the other Mandalorians. Perhaps his position will help rebuild the relationship between them and the Jedi. Both were once proud and powerful and had collapsed at the hands of the Empire. With them now gone, could they potentially team up and build relationships? Or will the Mandalorians attempt to seize that power? Whatever the case may be, don’t put Grogu in a corner.

Check out the trailer below!

Something that could potentially be exciting to see. What do you hope for in season 3 of The Mandalorian? Do you wish to see more of Grogu and Djarin’s relationship? More bounty hunting? Comment your thoughts below or on the Facebook page!

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