Leia Organa Legacy Lightsaber Review

Leia’s lightsaber had a fantastic reveal in the flashback given in The Rise of Skywalker. Our first glimpse at her custom saber was when she trained with Luke in the lush forests of Ajan Kloss. The orange hilt stands out from the usual weapon strapped to a Jedi’s waist. It certainly encompasses Princess Leia’s personality, bright and hopeful. The design of the hilt is elegant. The curves, the silver accents, and the most outstanding part of the hilt, the pearl inlays, truly make this feel like the weapon of a princess. 

The Legacy lightsabers have become immensely popular among fans. The exclusivity of obtaining them adds to the challenge. With so many options, Star Wars fans are channeling their inner General Grievous to get them all. The price tag isn’t cheap, especially when factoring in the cost of a ticket. Occasionally, you can find some Legacy lightsabers on ShopDisney, so check regularly to save yourself a trip to the parks.

The Leia Organa Legacy Lightsaber

Leia Organa Legacy Lightsaber 

Leia’s lightsaber feels well-constructed; it has a good weight and fits comfortably in the hands. She chose a slim neck, similar to Kenobi and Luke’s lightsabers, which, in my opinion, is one of my favorite designs. The way the skinny neck breaks up the chunkier part of the lightsaber shows how much effort went into its construction. Like Kenobi and Luke’s hilts, it comes with a second neckpiece that screws on to hold the blade. 

The original design is too thin, but this option allows for a movie-accurate hilt while allowing attaching a blade to hone your lightsaber abilities. When displayed, the lightsaber looks fantastic, and that orange makes it stand out from the usual silver and black. The overall design of this hilt seems fitting for the era in which Leia had built it. There is a classic 50’s-futuristic vibe to it that is seen all throughout the Original Trilogy.

As for the hilt’s durability, I have read complaints online that the pearl inlays eventually curl up. They are screwed in, but there may also be a glue that reinforces it. The glue that holds them down gives out and causes the inlays to lift out of their placement. It seems to be an easy fix, as superglue works well, but it is something that should not happen in the first place. These are expensive hilts, so it is sad to hear that there is this possibility of it happening. 

How The Leia Organa Legacy Lightsaber Comes

The hilt will come in a crate with a plastic mold covered in a black cloth to display it. Under the plastic mold is the attachment for the blade. This thicker neck will screw on and replace the thinner one. This allows the blade to click into it properly. Although it takes away from the movie accuracy of Leia’s lightsaber, it fits securely in this piece so that it won’t detach in a duel. 

The hilt comes with stickers that almost always leave some glue behind. To get it off, I recommend a warm washcloth with a bit of dish soap to scrub it off. I have used this method for all my Legacy lightsabers and it has worked for all. It is a bit irritating to have that extra work, especially with such an expensive piece, but it does not take away from the overall experience of owning the hilt.

Other Accessories for the Legacy Lightsaber

There are options to get the blade, as mentioned above, a belt clip to attach your lightsaber to your waist, and a stand to display it. The hilt comes in a Star Wars-themed crate that shows it off well, but if you’d like to take it out of that chunky case and place it on a display stand, there is that option. The ones they offer in the parks display the hilts horizontally, while the ones that come with the Legacy lightsaber sets display them vertically. I prefer the vertical display, but that stand has a much cheaper feeling compared to the one sold in the parks.

The belt attachment is similar to Luke and Anakin’s lightsabers, as it has a loop on the hilt to attach to the clip. It’s quick to snap in, but it does swing around more than the other designs, like the knob that slides in and locks. With it sitting lower as it hangs on the waist, it adds to the authenticity of Leia building the saber during the OT era. The blade ignites a beautiful blue color, and the sounds are unique to the Leia Organa Legacy lightsaber.

I Have Spoken

Overall, it feels like a well-constructed hilt. It has a solid weight, and the curves make it feel comfortable in the hands. Swinging it around feels good; it feels well-balanced, especially with a blade attached. The sounds are engaging and exciting. 

It is disappointing to hear that tons of people have had quality control issues with the pearl inlays curling up, but it is important to know before purchasing. The consensus of those who have had the problem has reported it is an easy fix. Usually, Disney is good with issues like that, so you could always try and contact them for a replacement.

I would recommend this hilt to any Leia fan or anyone who wants something with a different style. The colors used to put this together make it unique. The bright orange, the pearl inlays, and the sophisticated curves reinforce that this is an elegant weapon from a more civilized age. Take home the weapon fit for the Princess who led two Rebellions based on hope. 

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