Massive Star Wars Game Delayed

Star Wars: Eclipse Delayed Until 2027

A massive new Star Wars game had caught the attention of thousands of gamers when it was announced at the Game Awards in 2021. The game will take place during the High Republic, an era when both the Jedi and the Republic flourished in the Galaxy. The announcement of the game had left fans eager to learn more. The exciting new game, Star Wars: Eclipse, will offer this new era for fans to explore as they follow a narrative-driven game. 

Unfortunately, reports show that the game will not release until 2027-2028. The news comes from leaker Tom Henderson, who accurately announced the game before the 2021 Game Awards. The delay is due to hiring struggles at Quantic Dream, the company developing the game. The company has a poor history with its treatment of its employees, and no fresh or senior talent is eager to jump on this project. 

With the reports showing the game is half a decade away, the trailer feels that it was released a bit too early. But, according to Henderson, it was intentional; the goal was to attract other developers and buyers. Some buyers include Microsoft and Sony. They are interested in buying Quantic Dream to expand their exclusive game roster. 

What are your thoughts about this news? Do you feel they should have sat on the trailer for a few more years? Who would you rather see have the exclusive version of Star Wars: Eclipse, Microsoft, or Sony? Comment down below or on the Facebook page! 

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