‘The Mandalorian’ Retro Collection Wave 2 Preorders Open Tomorrow

Hasbro and Star Wars have collaborated to make figures in the same fashion as the original Star Wars toys that were released from 1977-1985 by the Cincinnati toy company Kenner. There have been figures made for Star Wars: A New HopeThe Empire Strikes Back, and The Mandalorian

The figures released for the first wave of The Mandalorian retro collection featured Din Djarin, Grogu, Greef Karga, Kuiil, Cara Dune, IG-11, and Moff Gideon. Get those figures here.

Now, the collection grows as six new figures go on preorder tomorrow, October 13th.

The new figures will include a repaint of Din Djarin, The Armorer, Death Trooper, Ahsoka Tano, Bo-Katan, and finally Boba Fett. Each of these figures keeps the retro spirit alive as they honor where this all began. 

The detail on these figures is impressive, too. With this old-school take on the figures, it is hard to get details perfectly correct, but Boba has a gut, the Armorer has her tools, and Ahsoka’s lightsabers have a bit of a curve. All of these figures boast fantastic attention to detail.

These figures are not exclusive to any retailer, so you’ll be able to purchase from your favorite one. They will be available at 1 PM EST, so be sure to check back here for a link directly to the Wave 2 Retro Collection figures on Amazon.

Get the figures at Entertainment Earth HERE!

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