NEW Mandalorian Funko Pops Look Great

Star Wars: The Mandalorian has taken the world by storm; just about everyone knows who Din Djarin, Grogu, and even the Frog Lady are. If you don’t, you’ve most definitely been frozen in carbonite for the past two years. The show gave us these fantastic two characters, new to the franchise, and through that, they have created a brand new story to tell. Something the relates to the Star Wars we know and love, while at the same time it takes us down a new path. 

Din Djarin and Grogu aren’t the only characters that the show made lovable. The Mandalorian team introduced multiple fantastic characters, both new and old, to elevate Djarin’s story and immerse us into a galaxy that connects to both the Original Trilogy and the Prequels. They even brought back Luke Skywalker in his prime, which blew the fans away and shocked viewers everywhere. 

These beloved characters are now all reimagined into Funko Pops! The new figures announced include both a Dark Trooper and Luke Skywalker holding Grogu, different versions of Boba Fett and Fennec Shand, including one that has them on Jabba’s old throne. And it doesn’t stop there, either. There is Cobb Vanth, Grogu deep in mediation, Din Djarin with the beskar spear and a glow-in-the-dark version, exclusive to Entertainment Earth, and finally, the beloved Frog Lady, who won the hearts of the fanbase with her motherly love. 

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Check Out the New Funko Pops! Below

Pre-order the Marshal, Fennec Shand, and the Pop! Moment featuring Boba Fett and Fennec on the throne at Target now. You can also pre-order Luke Skywalker with Grogu and the Pop! Deluxe of Grogu on the seeing stone at Entertainment Earth, which has exclusive versions of the Dark Trooper and the Mandalorian hologram as well. And pick up Boba Fett without his helmet exclusively at Walmart now. The Frog Lady will be available exclusively at Walgreens with the Mandalorian and beskar staff launching only at later this year.

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