The Bad Batch: Reunion Review

The Bad Batch has been getting better each episode. The action is beginning to pick up as we move on from the introductory stages of this new show. Now that we have a solid grip on the characters, the Empire, and the Kaminoans, these episodes are going further in-depth into the Star Wars universe, planets, and the formation of the Empire.

Wrecker and Omega’s relationship is getting better and better. They are absolutely hilarious together; Wrecker fits the role of an older brother perfectly. Now that they can’t get some Mantell Mix, Wrecker has her working on some important skills, skills that may save her life one day.

The Haul

The scrappers are watching the bad batch as they try and collect some goods from the crashed cruisers on the planet. Echo and Wrecker are used to being in unwelcomed territory, and their instincts served them well as they noticed the three different scrappers that were looking at them. A short chase had turned out to work in their favor as they knocked out two of the scrappers and sent another one over the edge. 

To make some money they are taking just about anything they can from the ship. There are plenty of things there for them to make a credit or two. From weapons to information, the bad batch is taking whatever they can. That is until the Empire ruins all the fun, as usual. Crosshair, the new frontman for the Empire’s military has the task of killing the bad batch and getting them out of the Empire’s hair. 

The Empire

Crosshair and the new stormtroopers are right on the tails of the bad batch as they try and escape. Luckily, Tech can hack into their com-links and hear their plans as they pursue the gang. The stormtroopers have the entire ship surrounded, and the gang is in an extremely difficult situation. 

As Crosshair and the stormtroopers finally catch up to the bad batch we have a dramatic moment as they see Crosshair. They know that Crosshair can’t control what he is doing, but it is still a very tough thing for the bad batch to go through. Their ex-member and close friend is a completely different person, who is unquestionably loyal to the Empire.

I am very excited to see how things end up because we know that the Empire ditches the clones and goes to recruits. I am hoping that somewhere along the line, the bad batch can save Crosshair and remove the chip, turning him back into a normal clone. After losing Crosshair and the Kaminoan’s last attempt to save the cloning process, the Empire would be willing to move forward with recruitment and the development of the dark trooper.

The bad batch won’t give up so easily, though. They can outwit the stormtroopers and Crosshair and use the unstable environment around them to their advantage. In this epic fight scene, we get to see Omega use her bow to take out some stormtroopers, which is a display of her growth and what Wrecker has been teaching her. 

The Engines

After the grand escape from the stormtroopers on the dock, the bad batch had moved toward the back of the ship. They plan to escape through the massive ion engines and hop out the back. The only problem is that Crosshair is expecting to see them coming out from there and pins them down where they are.

Crosshair knows how dangerous these men are, and his chip will not allow him to think clearly. So, he sets up a plan to either vaporize them with the engines or force them to jump out the back where he is waiting to shoot them. The bad batch doesn’t have many options left. They can’t go left or right, so they go down. They blow up part of the engines and drop into a canyon. Meanwhile, Crosshair, who is waiting for them, gets badly burned by the engine. His plan blew up in his face. 

The Return

The bad batch has got to get off that planet and out of the hands of the Empire. Hunter and Omega had made a break for it, but someone is waiting for them. A very infamous bounty hunter. Cad Bane. Now, Cad Bane was thought to be dead. After the unfinished Clone Wars artwork was released, we got to see how he died and how Boba got the infamous helmet dent. 

That was believed to be canon at the time. Cad Bane was killed by the other most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy and there was something very poetic about that. But, it appears that either that never happened, or Cad Bane had lived. All we know for certain is that Cad Bane is alive, and he has Omega.

We don’t know who hired him, but my best guess would be the Kaminoans. They seem pretty desperate to keep their contract with the Empire valid. Imagine how much the Kaminoans were making during the Clone Wars; there is no doubt they would want the contract to supply the Galactic Empire with its army. But they know that their end is coming, but what is more interesting is Omega’s role in this.

How special could she be that this entire planet’s economy is dependent on her return? The Kaminoans are probably the ones who hired Fennec Shand. As we’ve seen in the show, the Empire prefers to simply send stormtroopers to accomplish their goal. Bounty hunters are an unconventional way for the Empire to get what it wants. 

I have spoken

This was an exciting episode. Rex was a great addition to the last one, and now we get to see the return of Cad Bane. Dave Filoni is doing a fantastic job with this show and has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats. 

What role or special abilities do you think Omega has? What do you think Crosshair’s future will be now that he has been badly injured? Drop a comment down below and share your thoughts. 

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