New Ewan McGregor Interview Gives Insight Into “Kenobi” Series

Ewan McGregor, one of the most beloved actors of the Star Wars franchise, has recently gone on Jimmy Kimmel with some Kenobi leaks. He was very professional in the interview as he held back a lot of information and danced around each prying question like the Jedi master he is. But, McGregor knows that we are all dying to see his show, and so he gave some insight into what we can expect. 

McGregor, when asked if he celebrated May the 4th, shared that he had done a very special scene that day, with someone very special in his life. He gave no other details than that. Could it have been the fight with Vader?

Kimmel had asked McGregor, “How did it feel to put the old costume on?”

To which McGregor replied: “It’s good, it feels great. I have to say I’m having a really really good time. The costume is probably slightly different, you know then you might expect.”

Now, this doesn’t give us too much information, but it is enough. We will be expecting a new look for Kenobi, something different than his Jedi robes. This makes a lot of sense because, well, he is in hiding. He doesn’t give any exact details on his costume so anticipate a desert nomad sort of look. Something that allows him to blend in with the environment and people around him while at the same time protecting him from the harsh climate on Tatooine.

McGregor also said: “But to go back into the role, shall we say, is great. It’s like it’s all still there; it feels good. There are great scripts and great people to work with, and it’s just great. I’m having a good time.”

It looks like the former Jedi master is impressed with the scripts he has seen. Aside from George Lucas himself, he knows Kenobi the best, he had to create and bring his persona to life, and so McGregor has explored the depths of Kenobi’s mind and thought process. Knowing that the scripts are McGregor approved lets us know that the show is in good hands as we will see Kenobi in a new light.

Jimmy Kimmel and Ewan McGregor

He also commented on the production system, something that has been covered here. His excitement for it in this interview lets us know the quality is astounding. Right off the bat, it feels that McGregor prefers this style over what had was during the prequels. 

McGregor: “We’ve got all this new technology before we did months of blue screen and green screen acting, and now we’ve got this extraordinary technology where we work inside a big screen. The backgrounds are on there, and so it feels much more realistic.”

It looks like a major critique of the prequels is being adjusted for McGregor’s return as Kenobi, as well as Hayden Christensen’s return as Darth Vader. The show is set to premiere sometime in 2022. Production is well underway, and we’ve gotten some glimpses of the set. It isn’t too much, but you can check those out here

Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments what aspect of the show you are most excited to see. Please check out the YouTube channel and drop a subscription there, as well as down below. Oh, and remember, utinni.

Check out the full interview with Kimmel here.

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