Supposed Battlefront 3 Leak Gives Hints for What to Expect

Star Wars Battlefront has been around for quite a while now. The first one had come out in 2004, followed by the release of Battlefront II in 2005. That game was arguably one of the best ones ever made. 2015 had revived the game as we got to see it in mind-blowing graphics. Two years later, Battlefront II was released and we got to see even more of the Star Wars galaxy and what it has to offer.

The last Battlefront game had released in 2017, so it seems like it is about time for an update. They had put their attention toward other projects like Fallen Order and Squadrons, as well as all the shows Disney+ plans to offer, but it looks like they will be shifting gears and giving us a whole new Battlefront game.

This leak has come from an anonymous source on Reddit, and we all know how reliable that can be. But Reddit has been right on numerous occasions and if anything, this could give us a good indication of what to expect. 

We have not gotten any official news from EA or Lucasfilm about the game. This is only a leak; take it as you will, nevertheless it is exciting to hear that this could be a possibility in the near future.

So what did the leak contain?

The Redditor posted a very early design of Coruscant, one of the maps that will supposedly be featured in the game. This picture is not as exciting as the news, but it still shows some progress. Besides, Coruscant will be a fun map to play on and a great new addition to the Star Wars video games.

The Redditor who leaked it also revealed that similar to Maul being the front of the Battlefront II marketing, we will see Ahsoka front and center.

Her appearance will be the one we see in The Mandalorian. Rosario Dawson’s live-action Ahsoka will be the one introduced to the Battlefront series. This is exciting because we will get to use her white lightsabers. 

Not a part of the Reddit leak, but I guess that the Mandalorian himself will be a playable hero in the came. Din Djarin will be a very fun character to play and will be a great addition to the heroes we already have, so fingers crossed he will be a playable character (as well as the razor crest, even though it’s destroyed).

The next part of the leak says that CO-OP will return with reduced XP gain. A change that could even out the playing field and slow down some progression. I am interested to hear what some fans have to say about that.

The next leak says that the Star Card system will be reworked. There are no further details there, but I am actually excited to see how they change that.

The last of the leaks say that a new loadout system will be added (1-3) and that Starfighter Assault and Galactic Assault will be merged. With what we have seen with Star Wars: Squadrons it is safe to assume that Starfighter Assault will be improved.

These are all of the leaks that the Redditor shared. Once again, these are only leaks that are from an anonymous Reddit user. They could work for EA or Lucasfilm, but they could also be craving some attention.

We are still awaiting the official announcement for Battlefront 3 from EA, Lucasfilm, or Disney. Until then, we can only hope that a new game is in the works. With the recent delay of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, we may not see any news soon, but E3 is approaching quickly and we can hopefully get an answer come June.

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