NEW Clone Wars Black Series Figures Announced

Star Wars The Black Series has been expanding like crazy with the different sort of releases they’ve had. Last year we had some great The Empire Strikes Back figures on card, they’ve introduced a brand new packaging design for the series, and they’ve also recently released The Phantom Menace line in a similar design to the 1999 release. And that is only naming a few.

Hasbro is expanding their line and they will be making a new line in celebration of the original run of The Clone Wars. In this new line, they will be introducing ARC Trooper Echo, who joined the ranks as one of the “regs” and eventually joined the bad batch, so we will be seeing him in their upcoming show. This will be the first time the black series is adding ARC trooper armor.


Another Clone to be joining the Black Series ranks is Clone Pilot Hawk, who has a very interesting-looking helmet. His unique helmet design will make him pop out on anyone’s shelf, so this is going to be a nice addition to the clone troopers. It looks like he has some fantastic attention to detail with scuff marks and so much more.


Along with these two clone troopers, Hasbro announced that they will release both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker sporting their clone armor. Kenobi is going to have a Photo Real deco and newly sculpted armor. It looks more like his Vintage Collection counterpart.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

As for Skywalker, he will be coming with a new face sculpt and according to the interview from “Our team definitely felt like the portrait was in need of an update, so we decided to take another crack at it for this figure! For this sculpt it was important for us to find the sweet spot between [Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith], so his hair isn’t quite as long as in Revenge of the Sith.”

Anakin Skywalker

It is nice to know that Hasbro is paying so much attention to detail. Something as small as hair length can really make the difference and it is important to preserve that look in between the movies. Great job there, Hasbro.

So it looks like we can look forward to a whole new Anakin and Kenobi, as well as these clone troopers. The official release does not include a date for pre-order. According to YakFace and fan speculation, it appears that these figures will be Target exclusives so we can expect them to be $25 per rather than the $20.

The figures will be coming in packaging that is a throwback to the figures that were released alongside The Clone Wars. The packaging was originally for the 3.75 in lines and were hitting shelves over a decade ago. The new packaging looks like a great way to celebrate the The Clone Wars and Lucasfilms’ 50 years.

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