Could Grand Admiral Thrawn Be Moff Gideon’s Boss?

The Mandalorian has introduced some great characters. But one of the most interesting that we have gotten is Thrawn. No, we have not seen him in live-action, yet, but Ahsoka Tano dropped his name Friday’s episode. This hints at the fact that we will be able to see him soon and fans cannot wait. We haven’t known his location in years now. And with the reveal of Thrawn, the reveal of Ezra will be following shortly. 

Why Would Thrawn Be Gideon’s Boss?

Grand Admiral Thrawn holds one of the highest ranks in the Imperial Navy. He worked closely with Emperor Palpatine and it would make sense that after dedicating his life to the Empire, he would spend his time and resources rebuilding it. 

But what would also make sense, is Thrawn being the head of such an important project. Gideon is heavily invested in the child, or as we now know him, Grogu, and needs him for his midi-chlorian count. We still don’t know exactly why he needs Grogu, it could be to clone the child, but after the episode “The Heiress” we have the impression that they are extracting the midi-chlorians for something else. 

Thrawn had dedicated his life to studying the enemy, it was his philosophy that to be a successful strategist and general one must be extremely familiar with the enemy’s culture and history. One of the cultures that he studied extensively was the Mandalorians. Gideon has the darksaber and it could have been Thrawn who placed Gideon in the position he is to have it. 

Thrawn’s Knowledge

On top of being extremely well informed about the Mandalorians, Thrawn was also familiar with the Unknown Regions, which proved extremely useful for the fallen Empire as they retreated there to rebuild what they once had. 

It could be the knowledge that Thrawn had left to the Imperials that helped them to find him. Ahsoka hasn’t gotten to him, yet and he is running things again. The Magistrate worked for him and she knew his location, something she would not reveal. 

We know that because of his knowledge of the unknown regions the Imperials were able to rebuild the First Order, hidden from the galaxy. Thrawn could be one of the leading figures to helping the First Order become what it is, which is why he would be calling the shots from the shadows while Gideon is running around trying to find Grogu. 

The Rebuild 

The rebuild of the Empire and cloning of Emperor Palpatine would have been known by only a few. Thrawn is the one who helped to map out the unknown regions for the Empire and discover some places for them to hide and rebuild. 

The Emperor had thousands of people out all over the galaxy recovering artifacts, but it could be because of Thrawn that Palpatine can rebuild the First Order from the stormy planet of Exegol. The unknown regions have proven to be useful for them and mysterious for the rest of the galaxy. A perfect place to hide, Thrawn’s knowledge would have made him the perfect candidate for heading the project. 

I have Spoken

Thrawn’s name would not have been mentioned for nothing and I have a good feeling that we will see more of Ahsoka and finally see what happened to Thrawn and Ezra Bridger. The Mandalorian has done a fantastic job of introducing familiar characters we love without overpowering the main characters of the show. 

Let me know what you guys think. Thank you for reading and remember, utinni. 

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