The Vintage Collection Razor Crest 10k Tier Revealed

The Vintage Collection has made some absolutely incredible looking vehicles. From Luke’s X-wing to Jabba’s Khetanna all the way to AT-ST’s there is no doubt that Hasbro always delivers with the vehicles.

The newest one to be revealed by Haslab is the Razorcrest as seen in The Mandalorian. His famous ship, the Separatist freighter from the Clone Wars has been modified to fit his bounty hunting tastes and needs.

There is no doubt that Hasbro will deliver with this vehicle, that is being backed by collectors. The pictures that we’ve seen so far include some insane detail and an incredible looking gun cabinet, which I cannot get over. Each gun in there will be removable and usable with other characters, so this is one thing I am most excited for there.

The vehicle originally called for 6,000 backers to get the ship into production and called for 8,000 for it to include an escape pod attachment to the top. But, the 10,000 backer tier has finally been revealed and it is an adorable looking Vintage Collection Baby Yoda with the “end-of-season-one hover pram”. If you have the black series Baby Yoda, then you know how small he already is, so I am curious how small this Vintage Collection figure is going to be.

The Vintage Collection seems like they are going to make this bad boy extremely detailed. The engines and the panels will be removable so we can recreate that hilarious scene in Season 1 when the Jawa’s stripped his ship. With that being said, I feel it is safe to say that there will be no light up features there.

Join the collectors who want to back the ship and help us get the Vintage Collection Baby Yoda. To back press here.

Thank you for reading and remember, utinni!

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