LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Release Date

Well, with the release of the gameplay trailer it seems that we have gotten time to expect the most anticipated game in a while. And I say most anticipated simply because of the lack of news regarding the game and the hype that it had caused. There was so much mystery and speculation that the game was teetering on becoming a glorified myth, something like big-foot.

But, we must respect the developers and LEGO team for not revealing anything too early considering that we should not expect the game until at least Spring 2021. If you saw the gameplay trailer than I am sure you were pleasantly surprised with how the game looks.

For a LEGO series game, the graphics, gameplay, and overall challenging aspect to it looks like it will cater to their long-time fans. The childish nature of the game, that of course comes naturally to the target audience seems to be not as present and in your face. With that being said, it looks as though father and son, mother and daughter, father and daughter, whatever the case may be, will be able to sit down and enjoy the game together.

For the hardcore Star Wars fans like myself who don’t plan to play with their kids because they don’t have any, or simply want to enjoy exploring an open world Star Wars game on their own will be able to look forward to some impressive changes and advancements.

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At least we will have Star Wars: Squadrons to hold us over until Spring 2021.

The game will be well worth the wait, I think it was Yoda who said “The complete game, mm yes, you shall wait, for if you choose the easy path, the quick way, only suffering you shall find.”

Thank you for reading and remember… Utinni!

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