Is Star Wars Becoming the Next MCU?

There is a rumor that Darth Maul is reportedly getting his very own show. This Is coming a few days after the Lando Calrissian Leak, but this would make a lot of sense.

Here’s why

Kathleen Kennedy had stated that she wants the future of Star Wars to be similar to the MCU, where the movies are separate, but all webbed together under the same timeline and continuity. The MCU movies work if ironman appeared in Thor’s movie we really wouldn’t bat an eye because it is well understood that they are all within the same universe. Star Wars is the same concept, they are all living in the galaxy around the same time, so if Maul appears in the Kenobi show, or if we see Lando Calrissian running into Maul and his Crimson Dawn thugs it would be the same concept.

AND so It appears that the team at Lucasfilm will be attempting to do something similar to the future of Star Wars shows. With the Kenobi series taking place after order 66, the bad batch series taking place after order 66, the Lando Calrissian Series taking place… after order 66 and before Rogue one, and finally, the maul series taking place after order 66 and before Solo, where we see him already at the top of the crime world.

It looks like Darth Maul is becoming the face of Disney plus, making many appearances from THe Clone Wars to getting his very own show. We all thought it was the end of Maul when we saw Kenobi split him in half and he fall down that shaft on Naboo, but boy has this guy made a serious comeback.

He was always one of my favorite characters from like day one. I grew up with the prequels, so I love them and his appearance in episode one was just absolutely insane. I’m pretty sure if I look hard enough I can find his plastic lightsaber somewhere.
Now to get my hands on the black series version of him….


The MCU style of the Star Wars shows and movies to come will be able to work. We had seen some appearances of other characters in the clone wars and rebels, and the Mandalorian season 2 is rumored to introduce a bunch of familiar characters who we will seamlessly fall into the show. The rumor of the figure on Tatooine at the end of Gunslinger being Boba Fett may come true, He was last seen on Tatooine and as we all saw with Palpatine, we HAVE TO WATCH HIM DIE ON SCREEN FOR HIM TO BE DEAD.
So, there is that.

With the interweaved style of all the new series coming, I know that I am super excited to see what they have in store for us. They have a great opportunity of making the Star Wars universe even more connected than before.

There is also the possibility that Maul and a few others will come back, but only as memories and flashbacks. The Kenobi series is rumored to feature Hayden Christiansen as Anakin, but knowing how episode 3 ended, he will be in a suit if he is to return as Darth Vader.

Whatever they have in store for us, I am confident that the MCU style of the shows and the new movies that are set to come out 2023, 25, and 27 will be a great new direction for Star Wars to take.

The universe is so massive and there is so much going on that this MCU style would help to both expand the universe and condense it at the same time. I know that sounds weird, but as we get smaller chunks of people’s stories we can get a microscopic sense of what is happening in the galaxy, but those stories together and we have a macro-outlook at what is happening in the star wars universe.

Telling individual smaller stories from around the galaxy will help to make this universe smaller and introduce us to many more aspects of what is going on.

What are you guys most excited for? Do you think that the MCU style that Disney Lucasfilm is trying to emulate will be successful? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thank you for reading and remember… utinni!

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4 thoughts on “Is Star Wars Becoming the Next MCU?

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  1. I think it’s always been assumed that it was all connected and part of one continuity. Having comic book style cross-overs like the MCU makes good sense for better establishing a feel of continuity though. At least so long as they don’t use continual “guest appearances” to make up for weak writing. Thus far that hasn’t been an issue though. 🙂

    One of these days I also need to investigate if Kathleen Kennedy is the same Kathy Kennedy I went to high school with… O_o IIRC she’s from back East originally, not California.

  2. OH yes… Boba Fett… His armor protected him. Must have been real Mandalorian metal, lol.

    He’s been known to be alive in the extended universe and the comics for ages. IIRC he literally blasted his way out of that Sarlaac. Took a few days but he did it. Pretty sure it’s canon, since the comics are now, as well as some of the earlier EU books.

    1. I’m not too sure if it’s been made canon yet, but there is a good chance that it will be. There is also the possibility of Cobb Vanth, I made a Youtube video about how he may fit into showing up in the Mandalorian.

      1. It’s really hard to tell because Disney has been REALLY inconsistent about canon. At first, only the movies were, then they made the Marvel comics canon as well, at least the newer series from after they took over. The older series was fairly out there, but I’ve seen aspects of it incorporated.

        I mentioned the games in a previous posts replies. The TIE Defender in Rebels first was used in TIE Fighter: Defender of the Empire. Thrawn was a prominent character as well, since you were flying for his fleet. The Chiss Ascendency was first created in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and is now canon. Other parts, they’re being a bit cagey about.

        Getting back to books, we were told the entire EU was no more. Thrawn has shown up though. Mara Jade is rumored to be a canon character again as well. Rise of Skywalker had elements from the EU also.

        Anyway, the **rumor** I heard about the time that the new season for Mandalorian was announced, was that Fett was going to show up chasing some upstart that stole his armor. Some Mando, getting your armor ripped off, lol. ANYWAY… Since Cobb was supposed to have bought his armor from Jawas, this all COULD tie together. Fett makes it out of the Sarlaac half dead, passes out, and Jawas come along and steal his gear.

        SWTOR is a great place to pick up insider tidbits too BTW. Darn if I know how some of these players get their info…

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