What to Expect for Star Wars: Squadrons

The Star Wars Squadrons gameplay trailer has released today and it has given us insight on what to expect for the game to come on October 2nd. The gameplay trailer was nearly 6 minutes long and had shown us the cockpits of the ships, the game modes that we’ll be able to choose from, and a few other great features.

The gameplay looks incredible. It looks like we will be able to play as our favorite types of ships from the Empire or Republic. The Republic ships are A-wing, Y-wing, X-wing, and the U-wing.

The Empire’s ships will be the TIE Bomber, Interceptor, Fighter, and Reaper. With customizable characters, paints, and additions to the interior of the ship. As shown in the gameplay trailer, a pilot had an Ewok bobblehead on the dash of his ship.

Along with the Ewok, we saw a few gauges that will be something that we need to pay attention to while playing.

The Gauges

The gauges of the ship will let us know what we need to closer attention to as we fly. There will be an indicator showing the sensors of the ship, the health, the throttle to control speed, a power indicator showing how charged your lasers will be, a combat display to show the enemies ship being targeted, as well as its health, and components, or other additions to the ship like rockets and the other components.

Some examples of the components, Beam Cannon, Baradium Torpedo, Repair Droid, Fortified Deflector, Ion Bomb, and so, so many more.

Single Player

The single-player mode of the game will have a campaign that takes place shortly after the Battle of Endor. The game refers to the Republic as the “New Republic” but it shows that we will choose a “Rebel” pilot as well as showing the Rebel logo, rather than the one of the New Republic.

We will bounce back and forth as we fight for both the Empire and the New Republic doing missions for each. With a $39.99 price tag, we can only hope that they make the campaign longer than BF2, but there is a good chance this game will be focused on the multiplayer modes.


There will be a few modes to choose from in the multiplayer section of the game. After playing single player and learning how to fly each ship, players will be able to entire the online arena and play battle modes.

The first one is the dogfight. This is 5 v 5 that we will be playing. A simple head to head, blowing each other up to see who comes out on top. Simple, yet elegant.

The next mode is the signature Fleet Battle mode. This is somewhat similar to Supremacy from Battlefront, where there are multiple stages to win. The first starts in the middle of the space battle, where players will start out in a dogfight to see who pushes forward, the winner of that will try and destroy the 2 smaller capital ships that are protecting the massive command ship. Once those are destroyed players will move forward and try to destroy the command ships form the final victory of the game.


I just titled that as “microtransactions” to scare you.

There are none here. The video made it a point to let us know that everything will be un-lockable from simply playing the game. Finally, they gave us what we wanted out of the gate. I don’t want to speak too soon, but this is starting to look like it will be one of the better new Star Wars games to come out.

I have spoken

That is what we have to look forward to in October. The game honestly seems like it will be challenging to master, with the different gauges in a different position for each ship, we will truly have to learn to be a versatile pilot. Perhaps a few of us will be able to give Han a run for his money.

I know that I am looking forward to mastering the skills behind the different classes of fighters. The challenging aspect of the game will keep us on our toes. Besides, a $40 price tag is something to REALLY look forward to. For those of you who want to wait and hear how others like it, I’m sure you’ll find a great deal for Black Friday.

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