Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing New Live-Action Show

What had seemed like a dream to many of us a few years ago is finally coming true. The Clone Wars was an excellent show, but we wanted more. A live-action TV show to tell more of the Star Wars story.

Now, with Disney plus that dream has become a reality. The Mandalorian has proven that a live-action TV show can be just as successful as the movies. We are all looking forward to the release of the Kenobi Series, as well as the Cassian Andor and rumored Ahsoka Tano Series. But, there is news that there will be more.

Over the last few days, a casting call has been going around every form of social media like wildfire. It is casting for Ezra Bridger to bring him to the live screen. The casting calls for a 30-year-old male, so it looks like his show will be set sometime in the future, finding him a few years after he had disappeared into deep space with the infamous Admiral Thrawn.

Admiral Thrawn had come out of the novel Heir to the Empire and was created by its author, Timothy Zahn. He is a successful military commander who is a part of the Chiss race. He made his debut in Rebels in season 3 and ever since then has been seen as a staple of the show. Thrawn is a well known and loved character for his intimidating and classic Imperial personality.

*Spoiler alert if you have not seen Rebels*

Ezra and Thrawn had disappeared before the events of A New Hope and the series picks up at the end with Sabine and Ahsoka preparing to go and look for Ezra at the end of Return of the Jedi. This would make sense why the casting is looking for a 30 year old male actor. This would also align the show with The Mandalorian and its timeline.

Will Ezra and Thrawn run into Mando and the child? Will they play a role in the child’s training and more? There have been rumors about a Rebels reboot, could this be what we had heard?

I have spoken

What do you think about a live-action Thrawn series? Do you think that he will get his own show or will he just tie into The Mandalorian with Ezra being side characters? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Well, first why not play both Rex and Boba? They’re both Jango clones after all. 🙂 Besides, he’s a good actor.

    A Rebels reboot would be intriguing. HOWEVER, a 30 year old Ezra doesn’t fit there. More likely we’re looking at some sort of spin off set around the time of Mandalorian, just like the other shows are rumored to be. Disney seems to want to fill in the gaps there, possibly to help make all the changes in the sequel trilogy more acceptable to long term fans. Fill in backstory and build better bridges as it were.

    Be interesting if Thrawn turned out to be the bigger boss behind the big boss of the Moff, LOL.

    I’ll also be curious to see how much of Thrawn’s extended universe backstory they use. The Zahn books were actually a trilogy. Thrawn was the only non-human Imperial Grand Admiral (a rank requiring the holder to be a master tactician and strategist), and was supposedly kept out of the main (movie) fights against the Rebels due to uprisings on the outer rim that he was assigned to take care of.

    Thrawn also was a major NPC in the **old** TIE Fighter flight sim, and was leading a campaign to crush first rebels then a mutiny in the Imperial fleet led by the Admiral who oversaw the development of the TIE Defender.

    BTW, Luke’s hand and lightsaber already made an appearance in those Timothy Zahn novels before the sequel movies.

    Oh and as for The Child… You missed him being found in my blog, LOL

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