Who is Rey and Who Are Her Parents?

The Rise of Skywalker is getting closer and closer and fans are excited to see the conclusion to the Skywalker saga. The movie will premiere in theatres on December 20th and we’re looking forward to getting a large portion of our questions finally answered. We still don’t know who Rey actually is and this movie will finally shed some light on that. The potential for this movie to be the best of the three is pretty high. It will be sad to see the Skywalker Saga come to an end, even though we all went through the same trauma when George Lucas released Revenge of the Sith

Here is a fan theory for the sake of discussion:

Rey is a scavenger from the planet Jakku who was left there by an unknown person. She has a similar beginning to Luke, where he was mysteriously given to his aunt and uncle for us to learn by Obi-Wan Kenobi to protect him. The Disney Star Wars films have taken a lot of influence from the previous ones in terms of plot, storyline, and locations. Our new hero is left on a desert planet, unlike Luke, she’s alone and has taught herself to become a gifted mechanic and survivalist. But, could her similarity to Luke’s origins hint to her own?

Perhaps Rey comes from powerful blood, similar to Luke and she needed to be hidden away. Who could Rey be the child of, though? Skywalker’s lightsaber had called out to her and Kylo Ren had noticed her rising power. They teamed up and together and were able to kill Snoke. Kylo Ren tried to convince her to join him, but was unsuccessful, does he see something that the audience hasn’t yet? Or does he know something that we don’t? 

So, who are her parents?

There has been a lot of pressure on Disney to release who Rey is. Is she really nobody like she keeps telling herself? If that’s true then that’s boring. There has been so much build-up around her identity that it doesn’t make sense for her to come from nobody. Let’s first look at her name, “Rey”. In all of Star Wars media there are hints in the names alone, “Luke” is a biblical reference for “light”, Darth Vader translates to “dark father”. Rey could be hinting at a “ray of light” in the Palpatine lineage. There is also the possibility that her name Rey is also alluding to the word in Spanish for “king”. She is the descendant of the Emperor. Perhaps his granddaughter? Or even a clone?

Rey on Jakku with her speeder

Her similar story to Luke must mean that she is of importance. There wouldn’t be that much emphasis on her being such a loner if she didn’t either have a huge twist or just simply has no role in her character arch what-so-ever. But, that’s not like Star Wars and the sort of production that they put out, one thing that’s always made it so successful is the attention to detail. So, Rey could have been put on Jakku after the fall of Luke’s Jedi Academy and given to Unkar Plutt by Kylo Ren. He was already in tune with the dark side and he could have possibly put her there so she would never have an escape or be able to discover who she is. Not to mention, she was told her family would come back for her, so there’s another reason for her to never leave. After all, she has this force telling her she’s someone and that’s why she questions it so often.

One thing that had a lot of fans shook was the reaction that Luke had to her when they finally meet. Everyone expected it to be a great encounter, but it wasn’t. He looked frightened, angry, surprised, and sad all at the same time. Could this be because Luke knew her from his Jedi academy and felt a wave of guilt completely wash over him for abandoning her along with Ben? Or could he just sense the power that she has the darkness that is in her?

Rey fighting Kylo Ren

The next point her Rey’s fighting style. It’s extremely similar to the way that Palpatine fights the Jedi in Revenge of the Sith. His famous twirling stab move is mimicked by Rey… just… naturally. She just knew to have that style of fighting, which is unique to Palpatine himself because he is such a powerful and intelligent Sith, he was able to come up with his technique, so we see different styles of fighting in his fights in The Clone Wars, but it just proves her versatility. The stabbing motion that the two do is extremely aggressive and has the intention to kill, not to disarm. Some may say that it is because of her staff, but we don’t ever see her stab with the staff and she doesn’t seem to make a connection between the two until The Last Jedi. 

The last point that I would like to make is Rey’s accent. It is the Star Wars galaxy equivalent to a British accent, which is held by the upper class from the Core Systems of the Galaxy. So, with this information and the history that Star Wars has to connect characters’ history and story to in-universe traits has always been prevalent and there is no reason for Rey to not be an example of so. Rey didn’t learn to speak this way from Unkar Plutt and it would be no surprise for the directors to be leaving hints anywhere they can.

Palpatine when he fights Yoda in revenge of the sith


The final film, The Rise of Skywalker‘s title would make sense if Rey was a Palpatine, went to the dark side and that somehow converted Ben Solo back to the light side and just like his grandfather and grand inspiration, he brings balance to the force. The Skywalker vs Palpatine complex has been the theme through-out all 6 of the films. Snoke gave the illusion of replacing him, but that fell through when he was murdered. The redemption of Ben Solo would indicate the rising of a Skywalker and he’s the last one remaining. Rey must have some connection to Palpatine and that could be the main reason why he is coming back. Whichever the outcome, we think Rey is a Palpatine, and Sidious’ granddaughter at that. Do you guys think that we will see a dark Rey or will it just be a vision? 

I know that I can’t wait for the movie to come out and the questions to be answered. Whether this theory is right or not will not affect what I think of the film, this is just my thoughts for now. But, is her past that relevant? What are you guys’ thoughts? Don’t forget to subscribe and may the force be with you!

Rey and Kylo ren next to each other

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