The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Breakdown

Disney has released the final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker and it is as intense as everyone had hoped that it would be. We hear more of Palpatine’s, Luke’s, and a little of Leia’s voice. We get glimpses of different worlds, the sunken death star, a Star Destroyer rising from the sea, and a lot more. There is so much going on in this trailer and here is a breakdown that will help you understand a little more of it.


The first shot of the trailer is Rey dropping a training helmet and running through a remote forest, as she’s running we can see her deflecting off shots from the training droids. This forest looks different than the Forest Moon of Endor, the trees are different and this one looks like its something out of Jurassic Park. She looks like she’s out there training to become one with the force in isolation. Luke went through the same thing when he went out to the Dagobah System as a part of his training, too. Her agility is impressive in these shots, so it shows her progression into becoming a Jedi Master.


This shot is of Rey running through what we think is the Death Star. Judging from the other shots in the previous trailers we feel it’s safe to assume that this is some part of the Death Star. Why is Rey there? Is she looking for relics? Something to do with Palpatine? Or is she just following Kylo Ren and trying to stop whatever he’s up to. Either way, its more impressive agility shown by Rey.


A shot of the resistance and it shows that there’s a lot of them rallied up to fight the New Order. In the middle of it is Lando, Poe, someone that looks like Admiral Ackbar, and C-3PO. The Last Jedi sort of wiped them all out so it will be interesting to see where they built up an army and how they were able to do that relatively quickly. The resistance is back, though and they are ready to fight an epic war.


Here we have Poe, Finn, and Chewbacca all on the planet that looks similar to somewhere like Scarriff. There are some palm trees in the background so it must be tropical in some way. There’s an X-wing behind them and it looks like more of the hideout that the resistance is at. Building up their army, hopefully, it will be enough to fight the New Order and the return of Palpatine… maybe?


This is a CR-70 Corvette taking off, but it’s flying pretty low. Maybe they’re leaving in a rush or they haven’t flown this ship in a while. It’s a classic ship and the first one that we ever see in the Star Wars franchise. The one that Leia was one with the stolen Death Star plans, you know, the one that Darth Vader broke into and went on that super sick rampage? Ya, that ship.


A shot of part of the Death Star that’s landed on an ocean moon called Kef Bir. As we all know there will be a super rad lightsaber battle between Kylo Ren and Rey. Hopefully, it will be as intense as the Revenge of the Sith final battle scene that was between Anakin and Obi-Wan. The setting is similar in the fact that it is the exact opposite, rather than a sea of lava it will be an actual sea. Again, we don’t know why they are there, but it is probably going to have something to do with Palpatine.

Palpatine could call out to both Ren and Rey and have them come and meet there. He could appear in a vision and get them to come out there either to duel it out and prove who will be a worthy apprentice or to get both of them to just turn to the dark side and be the “rule of two” if Palpatine remains a force ghost or hologram. There will definitely be some sort of return and it will be intense.

Kylo Ren on the death star on the ocean planet

Here comes Kylo Ren walking out of a splash of water, he’s walking intensely and it looks like he’s angry at Rey. This is the beginning of the lightsaber battle between the two. It will exciting to see the reveal of how he got there and why he is there. Hopefully, we get a lot of answers, mostly focused on Palpatine and what he’s doing back.

This is a super cool shot. It looks super confusing is it an island? No, it’s a floating planet that must host this creepy looking throne. This is probably where Palpatine is hiding and the little civilization in the left-center part of the planet must host him or be some ancient society that worked for the Sith similar to what we saw in The Last Jedi or the original source of the dark side and the Sith. This is super exciting and a significant hint to where Palpatine could be.

millenium falcon with all the other ships of the resistance

This shot is so epic! This is the Millenium Falcon with the rest of the ships of the resistance. We see so many different ships, there is The Ghost, a Hammerhead, a U-Wing, Resistance Bomber, Halo, Shadow Caster, Republic Medical Frigate, and the Razor Crest, the Mandalorian’s ship, or one that looks like it. There’s a huge list of ships here, what else do you guys see? I’m excited to see the space battle that will take place and with all the progress in CGI since the space battle in Return of the Jedi or even Revenge of the Sith and with the budget that Disney has, it should be an epic battle that will out-do a lot of other films. 

The gang together in the millennium falcon

This is a cool shot of the gang together; Rey, Poe, Finn, Chewie, and C-3PO all in the cockpit of the Falcon, RIP Han Solo. Rey is flying it with Chewie, who definitely has the most experience with it. Rey looks pretty happy so it looks like they aren’t in too much danger here, but it will be interesting to see the full story.


Ok, let’s be honest . . . this scene is kind of heartbreaking. We don’t want to see C-3PO go, he’s been around since the very beginning. He’s hooked up to some computer probably to download some memory that is stored deep in him. He was erased by the events that happen in the prequel’s, but there’s a possibility that he will have information stored deep within him that the heroes need to save the resistance and destroy the New Order or the Emperor. Unfortunately, that probably means that 3PO has to give his life. He’s seen it all unfold, he was Anakin’s creation and saw him leave to become a Jedi, saw his path to destruction, and was there Luke saved the galaxy, C-3PO has probably been one of the most important and loved characters in the entire film. Hopefully, we can see his memory or conscience downloaded into a ship like in Solo, but his line, “taking one last look, sir, at my friends” pretty much confirms he’s shutting down for good. There’s also a B1-Battle Droid in the right of the screen! Very cool detail!

Poe, finn and chewie on a rampage

This is a rad scene where we see the heroes sticking together and running through this ship taking out Stormtroopers. They look like they are on a mission, I wonder if it will be to recover something, save someone, or destroy some part of a destructive ship.

leia and Rey

Here is a shot of Leia, but we’ve seen it before. So it must be hinting at either there’s not that many scenes of her and most of her will be voice recordings, or all the scenes of her will be super important and they were all too juicy to even leak. Either one, I hope that they give her a death she deserves, she is a star and a loved character. Rest in Peace, Carrie Fisher.

riding in on horses

There is nothing really much to see about this scene, but I included it becasue look at BB-8 charging in there with the horses. He’s going real fast and it’s honestly kind of funny, but inspiring at the same time!


Here we see Rey and Kylo Ren fighting off some sort of ash monster or something like that. It could be like Vader rebuilt or maybe a Palpatine clone? Will they have to team up to take him out? Or will he be able to persuade one of them? Whatever it is that they are hitting it looks like they are at least working as a team. Plus, Rey has a dagger in her hand, it must be some relic of some sort, maybe that’s what they were at the Death Star?

Palpatine's return confronting rey

This is the first glimpse that we actually get of Palpatine! He’s back and he wants revenge. He looks like he’s hooked up to some machine or life preserver thing. I’m not quite sure what it is but it may be what is keeping him alive. It’s exciting to see such a huge villain return, “Long have I waited and now you’re coming together is your undoing” Does this mean that if Ren and Rey come together they will go to the dark side? Has he foreseen their demise? Will she have to destroy Ren or vice versa!?

Rey up close from trailer 3

The final shot of the trailer is a close up on Rey. She looks conflicted, how does she feel, it may just be the lightsaber, but she looks like she is about to cry or holding back a tear. Where is she though? Somewhere with Palpatine, the look of confusion on her face may be him successfully manipulating her into turning to the dark side. After all, he is really talented with that.

The final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker looks like it will answer a lot of answers. Hopefully, it will be the redemption film that makes the entire series. The trailer gives it a lot of promise and I’m honestly really excited for the film to come out. This will be an epic one and Abrams has confirmed that this film will answer a lot of questions and be a beautiful closeout for the Star Wars franchise and the story of the Skywalkers, the New Order, and all 8 previous films. What do you guys think? Don’t forget to subscribe for more! Leave comments and tell me what you think!


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