The Mandalorian Trailer Breakdown

Disney has released the official trailer for The Mandalorian and it’s dramatic, full of high-action, and sets the stage for this new story in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy. The show is set to release November 12th on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+. It will be produced by John Favreau and Dave Filoni, who both worked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars with George Lucas, himself. The amount of Star Wars knowledge that will go into this show will be huge and hopefully can prove itself better than the recent movies.

The minute and a half trailer that the “Star Wars” youtube account posted already has 17 million views in just a month. The anticipation for this show is growing each day and Star Wars fans from all across the galaxy are tuning in to check out what is to come. Just in case you missed it or need a refresher, I’ll analyze what we saw in that official trailer, from the locations to the new characters, we’ll take a closer look at what Disney wanted us to see and how it will possibly unroll in the series.

Here are the breakdowns:

  1. The Storm Trooper Helmets- This is setting the stage, welcome back to Tatooine… The Empire has fallen and these storm troopers have left their helmets the assimilate with the locals, or they’ve been killed and this is to show the local attitude toward authority. Behind these helmets on the ground are helmets impaled on spikes, I think its fair to say that the locals aren’t too fond of the Empire or any sort of authority. Judging by the occupation they had in A New Hope, the locals are probably real eager to get them out.

2. The Razor Crest- This is our first glimpse of The Mandalorian’s personal ship, the Razor Crest. It’s a solid looking ship with twin engines and wings, it has the classic Star Wars feel that’s bringing us back to our roots. We see him flying over a lush forest with some lakes and rivers… possibly a new world?

3. Mos Eisley? – Here have our man character unloading off his ship into what looks like Mos Eisley, but more volcanic. Is this a wretched hive for scum and villainy on Sullust? Or is it somewhere that we’ve never seen? OR is it some post-Empire-liberated Mos Eisley? Whichever one it is, I feel its safe to say that it doesn’t look too friendly.

4. Greef Marda – Carl Weather’s character is the leader of a bounty hunter squad that’s hired the Mandalorian. Right before they show his face, we see he and the Mandalorian make an exchange so we can assume from this they’re sort of friends. But has Marda taken over as the top contractor for bounty hunters and replaced the Hutts? Or will he just be another competitor in the underground world?

5. The Mandalorian Unloading – This scene shows him loading up with his armor and gear before he ventures out. He’s silent the whole time and we get the impression that this mans identity is his armor. He’s well equipped and its fair to say he’s going to be a real deadly aspect in the galaxy. The character is silent and he won’t be showing his face much, if any at all during the series, which lends more to the aspect of his identity being the armor. Will he have the same persona that Boba Fett had? It will be exciting seeing the moves he busts out when fighting off the Empire and collecting bounties.

6. An Ugnaught Riding a Blurrg – This is a similar race that we’ve seen in the Star Wars galaxy. They were hired to build Cloud City because they’re known to be hard workers, which is why they’re in The Empire Strikes Back when Vader froze Han Solo in the carbonite in Cloud City. They are from the plant Gentes, but can be found all over the galaxy, so we can’t say for sure where they are in this scene. There’s a dead Blurrg next to the Mandalorian so that could explain why he looks kinda pissed and has his rifle out. We’ll have to wait to find out if he’s friendly or hostile.

7. Death Troopers – These are the elite soldiers of the Empire and are feared all over the galaxy. What are they still doing around after the collapse of the Empire? Are they trying to bring the Empire back out of shambles, or are they are rogue unit? Could they just be Moff Gideon‘s bodyguards? Whichever option it is, I think it’s fair to say that they’ll be a problem for the Mandalorian, after all the Empire loves order and control.

8. Moff Gideon – An Imperial Warlord who is clingy to power after the fall of Palpatine. He’s out there with his posse of Death troopers and it seems like he’s there to take back control of the outer rim. We don’t know if he’s receiving orders from a new Imperial leader or if he’s gone rogue, but Gideon seems to pose a problem for bounty hunters and the criminal society of the outer rim.

9. AT-ST – The AT-ST has been around the Star Wars universe for a long time now. It’s an overpowered land rover that wreaks havoc wherever it goes. The destruction around it is devastating and the people are running for their lives. The Empire must have some sort of presence still if there’s Death troopers and AT-STs. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and see what happened to the Empire after the death of Palpatine and Vader.

10. IG-11 – The Mandalorian’s partner for their escapades and bounty hunting across the galaxy. Not to be confused with IG-88, the robot bounty hunter hired by Vader. He looks like he has all the bells and whistles that a bounty hunter needs, he can even shoot accurately in either direction. The Mandalorian and IG-11 will be a good team that looks like they’ll catch bounties, fight off the Empire, and get paid.

11. Carbonite Casing – As you can see in this shot the Mandalorian has a few unfortunate souls frozen in carbonite. From what we understood from Han Solo being frozen in Carbonite it’s not an easy or safe process and the chances of living are low. The Mandalorian, though, has people lined up in carbonite so this might be an easier process for him. Has he found a more efficient way of freezing people? The number of people frozen just goes to show the success he has.

12. Werner Herzog – “Bounty hunting is a difficult profession, don’t you agree?” The character that Werner Herzog is playing is undisclosed, but its fair to see his character is going to be very well played. Judging from his composure in this scene and the way he talks to the Mandalorian it seems that he’s cool, confident and aware of everything that bounty hunters deal with. Is he a retired bounty hunter? Or will he be another character similar to Carl Weathers? Whoever his character turns out to be there’s a lot of good faith in Herzog being able to play his role extremely well.

The Mandalorian trailer is action packed, full of drama, and has set the stage for what we should expect come November 12th. The show will feature a bunch of new characters and planets to become even larger and more immersive. The Star Wars galaxy keeps growing and with the relevant knowledge Favreau and Filoni have it seems like it will all be at the George Lucas standard. From the shots and music in the trailer it looks like the cinematography will be similar to Lucas’. The long landscape shots that set the scene, the detail in the backgrounds, and the dramatic orchestrated music that brings each scene to life. It’s rumored that there will be another trailer released sometime mid October and we can see what else the show has to offer. I’ll be following the Star Wars news and do a breakdown of the next trailer as well. The anticipation for the show is killing me and I’m sure everyone else is just as excited, hopefully November 12th comes at light speed.

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