‘Squid Game’ Star Lands Lead Role For ‘The Acolyte’

Netflix's Squid Game was an extremely successful show; it broke records, won awards, and took the entire world by storm. The story of human desperation to break out of debts and get rich in life was relatable, as was the show's star, Lee Jung-jae. Squid Game had turned him into a household name across the globe and catapulted him... Continue Reading →

Acolyte Leaks: Filming Rumors and Characters

Star Wars Acolyte is a future project to appear on Disney+ that will focus on the Sith and the emergence of Dark Side powers during the decline of the High Republic Era. According to IMDB, the show will release on August 11th, 2023. Disney has not announced anything officially, so whether or not that is accurate, Acolyte will... Continue Reading →

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