New LEGO UCS Razor Crest Revealed

LEGO has just revealed the newest addition to the Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Series. Din Djarin's ship will join the line-up at a whopping 72cm (28 inches). The updated version of the Razor Crest will be the biggest LEGO has to offer. With some great details, this new model will surely impress any bounty hunter. … Read more

Star Wars Halloween Special Trailer Released

Disney+ is releasing a LEGO Halloween Special for Star Wars on October 1st. The humor seems to be on par with last year's Christmas Special, except this one will explore the darker side of the franchise. With today's trailer drop, it looks like these tales will give what plenty of Star Wars fans have been asking for since the … Read more

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Release Date

Well, with the release of the gameplay trailer it seems that we have gotten time to expect the most anticipated game in a while. And I say most anticipated simply because of the lack of news regarding the game and the hype that it had caused. There was so much mystery and speculation that the … Read more

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