NEW “Ahsoka” Trailer Released

The excitement builds with a brand-new trailer for Ahsoka. The newest live-action show will land on Disney+ on August 23, 2023, with Rosario Dawson playing our hero, Ahsoka Tano. With two lightsaber-wielding antagonists and the legendary Thrawn making his first appearance in this trailer, we can look forward to serious action. 

Ahsoka and Ezra won’t be the only two Jedi in the series, as this trailer reveals Sabine Wren is training under Ahsoka. Constantly struggling and pushing beyond her limits, Sabine receives similar training to Ahsoka’s. That difficult training has proven extremely valuable for Ahsoka, as it has saved her and many others’ lives numerous times. 

Sabine is also wielding a green lightsaber; it may be Ezra’s or her own, but we must wait until August to find out. The trailers have shown a lot of space travel and numerous planets, giving insight into how much travel and exploration we can expect in this series. It feels like they will keep things exciting as we watch Ahsoka explore the Galaxy in a time frame that lines up with The Mandalorian season 3. 

What are you most excited to see in this series? Don’t forget to enter your email to keep up with the latest and greatest Star Wars news. 

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