The Mandalorian Chapter 19 “The Convert” Takes Season 3 Up A Notch


The newest episode of the hit show, The Mandalorian Chapter 19, “The Convert” has it all. Drama, politics, conspiracy, and redemption are nicely packed into a 59-minute episode. The longest one of season 3 yet, we get a taste of life after the Empire and the adjustments necessary for ex-military to fit in with society. After one of the best cold opens of the entire series, the attention shifts to a familiar face from a previous season. 

The Cold Open of “The Convert”

Now, this is Star Wars. Din, Grogu, and Bo all take us on an adventure that feels straight out of a Rogue Squadron’s level. The graphics, pace, and the chosen enemy of this episode set the stage for a huge reveal. There are a few options for who it could be, one teased later in the episode, but it could be the season’s main protagonist. The piloting skills could not be any more spectacular as Din showed off the power of his N-1 and Bo showed off the impressive agility of the Gauntlet fighter. 

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After his redemption in the waters and Bo’s rescue from the previous episode, it seems like she accidentally baptized herself in the living waters. So, in the eyes of the Children of the Watch, Bo has redeemed herself from breaking the ancient Mandalorian creed (this is the way). It looks like Din proselytized his newfound Mandalorian friend. Their relationship could mean good news for the culture, but something needs to be done about the awakened Mythosaur. 

Life After the Empire

The Mandalorian Chapter 19, “The Convert” jumps to the familiar city planet of Coruscant as it leaves Din and Bo for a while to see what life is like here. We pick up with a familiar character who had seemingly disappeared. That character’s name won’t be revealed to keep this article spoiler-free, but this is a fantastic shift. The pace of the cold open quickly changes to the slow adjustments necessary to live on Coruscant. 

Going from light-hearted to darker, the adventures on Coruscant won’t leave you disappointed. Similar to the tone of Andor, our star for this episode reveals just how awkward the adjustments can be, especially while big brother watches. New friends, familiar faces, and some trauma bonding tie this episode into what felt like true Star Wars.

I Have Spoken

Chapter 19, “The Convert,” really shows off top-notch Star Wars writing. The enemies, the adventures, and the emotions felt throughout this entire episode hint toward the future of the franchise. The blending of different stories to tie in the array of shows and flesh out the Universe is enticing. As Disney leans toward a similar web of stories like the MCU, Star Wars shows real promise. 

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