Fans Get First Look at ‘Ahsoka’ in New Disney+ Promo

Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson, will return to the streaming platform sometime in 2023. The news that the fan-favorite Jedi would get her own show had blown us all away. Through the hard work done by Dave Filoni on The Clone Wars, Ahsoka has solidified herself as a significant presence in the Galaxy and fandom. Although Disney has not confirmed exactly when we can expect to see her return in her self-titled show, they have given fans a small glimpse into the show. 

The Disney+ “releasing in 2023” promo video is to showcase the big titles that will release throughout 2023. There will be new stories, new faces, and familiar ones too. The line-up that Disney+ has for the year looks enticing, with many great new ideas coming to the screen. The hype this short 30-second promo has created really goes to show how much fans love their Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney content.

The short glimpse we get into Ahsoka shows how fantastic her makeup looks. Rosario Dawson looks like an alien from a Galaxy far, far away as we watch her take her hood off on what looks like a desert planet. The headtails, costume design, and facial pigments, all bring her to life. Even though it is a short glimpse into the show, it is enough to get fans eager to see the premiere. 

Check out the “Streaming in 2023” promo below:

The lack of other footage from the show tells us that post-production has still not finished for the series, or they are trying to keep it all under wraps to avoid any potential spoilers or cameos. Most likely the latter, as the Star Wars team is notorious for surprises. Natasha Liu Bordizzo had reported that she wrapped up her parts for the series and expected everyone else to follow shortly behind. Through her, we can expect the return of Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian warrior and bomb expert. 

What to Expect of ‘Ahsoka’

The hit animated series Rebels ended with a cliffhanger. Ahsoka and Sabine set off to find their friend Ezra Bridger, so fans can expect to see that journey. Her guest appearance in The Mandalorian was evidence of just that. She was looking for Thrawn, who will be brought to live-action through Lars Mikkelsen. Eman Esfani will play Ezra Bridger in the series.

Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson

The show is rumored to contain flashbacks of Ahsoka’s life, we will see more of her trials as a Jedi, and it will have a journey into the “World Between Worlds.” Savanna Steyn will play a young Ahsoka in the series. 

There is still no confirmation for when the show will come out on Disney+, but fans are expecting it sometime in either late summer or fall 2023. The Bad Batch will be the first to return in 2023 and premieres on January 4. The Mandalorian will follow shortly behind and will premiere on March 1. 

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