First Reviews of The Bad Batch Season 2 Are Already Positive

The first season of The Bad Batch was an absolute hit. The successor to The Clone Wars follows a group of genetically-enhanced clones who have avoided Order 66 and the turn of their brothers. News for season 2 has recently been released, as well as a trailer. In an intensely emotional period, these clones must find their place in the Galaxy while avoiding the Empire and protecting their new friend and sister, Omega. The first season had wonderfully uncovered the identity behind Omega and much of the work the Kaminoans had done over ten years. 

The Kaminoan advancements have proven effective for the Emperor’s plans. Season 1 explored the mystery of his return in The Rise of Skywalker. It also ended with a cliffhanger, taking the Chief Medical Scientist of Kamino, Nala Se, to the Imperial facility at Mount Tantiss on the planet Weyland. The Bad Batch Season 2 will hopefully explore more of the Imperial advancements. As for clone force 99, they’ll be working more odd jobs for Cid to afford food, fuel, and more. Cody will return with jobs for the gang and will have some crucial choices to make. 

The Bad Batch season 2

The critic’s response to The Bad Batch season 2 should get fans excited for the upcoming release. Coming shortly after the New Year, season 2 will offer breathtaking animation, exciting storylines, crazy twists, and more fan-favorite characters.

This new season will explore darker themes than the first, something that The Clone Wars is known for; Dave Filoni, the creator of both, is not afraid to create Star Wars animation geared toward adults. Parents shouldn’t worry, though, as critics report that it retains the light-hearted feel of the first season.

Here is a social media reactions thread:

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The positive responses mean that season 2 has risen to the next level. Omega and the rest of the bad batch will go on exciting jobs and daring adventures. They will also bring hope to a Galaxy desperate for it. In a tumultuous time, the best thing they can do is stick together. The Bad Batch will return on January 4, 2023, exclusively on Disney+. 

Check out the official trailer here.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming next season? Are you excited to be back with the bad batch and into the animated Star Wars universe? Don’t forget to enter your email below to keep up with the latest Star Wars news.

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