LEGO Star Wars: Terrifying Tales Spooky Breakdown And Review

Spooky Season is among us! To celebrate, Disney+ has created a LEGO Star Wars Halloween Special. The Terrifying Tales takes place on Mustafar, inside one of the spookiest places in the galaxy, Darth Vader’s Castle. In this Halloween Special, we get an entertaining blend of Star Wars lore, Halloween fright, and classic LEGO humor.

Last year, LEGO Star Wars had released a Christmas Special, and that was an absolute hit. The success of that first Holiday Special had opened the door for others, like this one, and the stories, characters, and location helped make this Special a great addition to the collection. 

Poe and Graballa the Hutt

A Familiar Planet

Poe Dameron crash-landed on the volcanic planet of Mustafar. It looked far different than it did in Revenge of the Sith, but that is because the planet has been healing over the years. Now that the First Order is no longer in the picture, Vader’s Castle became a prime real estate location. 

And what naturally follows opportunity? The Hutts. Graballa the Hutt bought the castle to renovate it into the galaxy’s next best hotel destination. There is no better character or species in Star Wars to make an investment and move into Darth Vader’s castle than a Hutt. That was a perfect fit for the story and a way to get Poe inside such an iconic Sith location. 

A Dark Disciple 

It turns out the Garballa’s investment comes with a permanent resident. As seen when the special opened, Veneé served Darth Vader when he had lived in the castle. But after his death and the destruction of the Death Star, he remained. Through his residency, Veneé learned about the dark secrets of the Sith and the artifacts that Vader and Sidious collected through their years of tyranny. And a mysterious prophecy suddenly becomes a reality for him after Poe crash-landed right into his evil hands. 

Veneé the host of the Terrifying Tales

The familiar resident, full of such dark knowledge, shared twisted stories spookier than the Sith cult on Exegol. Each tale was unique and focused on different characters and eras from the movies. But, like most dark things, this dark disciple had a catch that came along with his generous hospitality. 

The Lost Boy

The Halloween Special delivered a spin on Ben Solo’s transition into a Knight of Ren. The life of a Jedi and the slow pace was not enough for Ben. The temptation of the dark side and what that force-sensitive group had to offer called to Ben louder than what Luke taught him. After a wild night out with the boys, Ben had to make an important decision. 

This decision would lead to his eventual fate as the leader of the First Order, but before that, he had to embrace a new identity. The identity that Ben Solo had taken, Kylo Ren, actually came from an insult used by the gang. To urge Ben into the dark side, they had taunted him with the name “Kylo.” 

The Knights of Ren

In this version, Ben had refused to destroy Luke’s academy, but still abandoned him and the other Jedi for this new life as a Ren. A different take on Ben Solo’s story, this twisted tale was a great way to kick off the adventure. There are some great jokes included in this one, and a few surprisingly dark ones, too. 

A Secret Room

Veneé knows an awful lot about the castle. While telling Kylo Ren’s story, he simultaneously led the others into the underground lair of artifacts. Underground is the ancient lightsaber depository and the sabers of ancient Sith, who are considered legends in the religion. The saber of Scardont is what Veneé is after and the topic of his next tale. 

The Half-Man

The next tale includes witches, dark magic, and one of the scariest creations in Star Wars, Spider legs Maul. We see his mother make him whole again with the Dathomirian spells. Still obsessed with the power of the dark side, he pursued Sidious to resume his position as an apprentice. 

Darth Maul on Dathomir

Sidious is after the saber of Scardont, so Maul volunteered to go after the saber. Unfortunately for him, Grievous already got the task, but fortunately for us, that means an epic lightsaber duel. The power of the saber had taken over both of them, and no one left the site in one piece. 

This tale brought back two frightening disciples of Sidious and pinned them against each other. An epic tale of fright that blended dark magic, the Sith, and Star Wars lore perfectly with LEGO humor. 

The Saber of Scardont

The prophecy had come true. Rather than Poe as the pilot, the mechanic is the chosen one. After he fixed the lightsaber, he had fallen under its spell and unlocked a secret passage where he found a Sith Holocron, a tool that Veneé was very eager to uncover. 

But before we could discover what he was so excited about, we are taken into the third and final twisted tale. 

The Wookiee’s Paw

Veneé shared a Star Wars twist on a classic tale, “The Monkey’s Paw.” This tale takes place before the events of A New Hope before Luke had met Ben Kenobi. While in town for Uncle Owen, Skywalker found a mysterious merchant with a curious item. He took the Wookiee’s paw and immediately wished himself off Tatooine. 

This is where the tale gets terrifying. Immediately after Luke’s wish, an Imperial recruiter signed Luke up for the academy and off the desert planet. But, it still wasn’t enough. Luke wished for more. He wanted to be a pilot and a chance to prove that he was the best in the galaxy. He delivered, and that is where he met the big boss and his father, Darth Vader. 

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker

In this twisted tale, because of the Wookiee’s paw, he didn’t have to find Yoda to train to become a Jedi, but Vader and the dark side found him. The LEGO humor did a fantastic spin on Luke’s famous Dagobah scene with Yoda. Darth Vader took the reins of Master (Anakin finally got his wish) as we got a parallel of that famous scene but in the Death Star. An absolute must-see, that montage was a hilarious twist on some very classic scenes from all three Original Trilogy films.

In this alternate universe, Ben Kenobi survived to help the rebellion. An interesting twist on his fate that clarified that his death was paramount to Luke’s journey. This final twisted tale was a quick glimpse into a question that every Star Wars fan had wondered and offered hilarious references to the classic Original Trilogy. 

Veneé’s Plan

Veneé knew the artifacts and their importance. The giant suit of Sith armor that he had constructed through the uncovered artifacts was his final attempt to retake the castle in the name of the Sith. The twisted tales served as a caution to Poe and Dean that everything may not be as it seems. 

Vaneé’s hospitality and stories were all a ruse for him to get what he wanted. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t plan that Poe and Dean would make a great team. The volcanic planet of Mustafar and Vader’s Castle was a perfect setting for the spooky theme of this Halloween Special. Graballa and his henchmen were a nice touch to add some depth to the story. 

What did you think of this Halloween Special? How did it hold up to the Christmas one? Comment down below or on the Facebook page! Don’t forget to check out the YouTube channel and subscribe there and below. Thanks for reading and remember, utinni.

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