The Bad Batch: Kamino Lost Review

The finale for The Bad Batch season one is finally here. The show had taken us through the first steps of the Empire as they began to take their rise and place in the galaxy. We saw firsthand how the Empire started to phase out the clones and move forward toward recruitment. We also saw the destruction of Kamino’s facilities last week, and this is where we will pick up for the finale. 

This finale looks like it will be a thrilling episode, one that will keep us on the edge of our seats as they navigate their way through the sinking platforms and try and make it back to the surface. 

Crosshair and Wrecker

Kamino is Gone

The bad batch and Omega had to live through the destruction of their home. These facilities are where they were born; they all have some connection to this place. Although it was taken over by the Empire, it was still sad to see the facilities and cities fall into the sea. Omega got separated from the group, but she’s still with Crosshair, who, believe it or not, has her best interest in mind. 

After almost being killed by the Empire, who he served with much loyalty, Crosshair witnessed firsthand what they are willing to do. He may just be a number to them, but to Omega, who saved his life, he’s a person. 

At the Bottom 

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea, the bad batch is in a bad situation. The platform has now hit the bottom of the ocean floor, and it has gotten complicated. With a little bit of luck, the team actually landed on the underwater tunnel from the last episode, and they now have a means of escape. The tunnel is beginning to crack, which has made Crosshair very nervous. 

The bad batch still has chemistry with each other, and they feel safe enough with each other to try and cross the bridge. The cracks in the glass aren’t the only issues that the bad batch is facing. Of course, there is a giant underwater creature who wants to eat them. Would it really be Star Wars without a giant monster trying to eat them?

AZI had gotten them away from the monster by using an electrical current to save them. He had shorted out the power in the tunnel in the process, but it allowed them to get into Nala Se’s secret lab.

Crosshair is still showing his loyalty to the Empire. Although they had just tried to murder him, he still believes that whatever the Empire is doing is for the greater good. He is unable to see the fact that he is a puppet for the Empire, or as Hunter puts it, just another number.

The Great Escape 

AZI is here to save the day again. The team’s only way up to the surface is through the tubes they’ve found. In there, they can be safe from the ocean around them. AZI will be able to guide their tubes up to the surface and allow them to find their ship, or at the very least, breathe some fresh oxygen. 

The plan was working fantastically until some debris separated Omega from the rest of the group. AZI dove back down to save his friend and risked his own life in the process. He knew that he was running on his reserve power but still dove into the depths to save Omega. Once he finally freed her from the debris, he used everything he had left to get her motion going back up and toward safety. 

Omega Saves AZI

Omega had realized what he did and saw the power leave his eyes. She had wanted to return the favor, and she dove down to save him. Omega had been working with AZI for almost her entire life, so it would have been too hard on her to see him fall into the depths, like the facilities and cities around her. Although her choice to save AZI was stupid, she knew she had the bad batch watching over her. 

Crosshair pulled out his sniper before Hunter could dive in to save her. He showed a sign of goodness when he saved Omega and AZI’s lives. This makes us want to believe that Crosshair will join back with the bad batch, and they can all reunite to work together. Their relationship is complicated, and there is something in Crosshair that wants to be good again, but he just can’t do it, or I guess we could say he knows what he has to do, but he doesn’t have the strength to do it.


The Marauder is still there, and they have a way off the planet. Crosshair is welcome to come along with the gang and escape the murderous Empire, but he still decides to stay back. He still keeps his loyalty to the Empire and “the bigger picture” and refused to leave in their shuttle. It may come back to kill him, or hopefully, he will begin to wake up and see the Empire for what they truly are. 

Crosshair Stays on Kamino as The Bad Batch Leaves

Nala Se is safe from the destruction of her homeworld, but unfortunately for her, she now works for the Empire. The planet that she is taken to is very pretty, with a lot of life surrounding her, but as she heads into the secret lab within the mountain, Nala Se knows that she will not come out anytime soon. 

Her knowledge of cloning and everything that goes along with it is extremely valuable to the Empire. We learned through The Rise of Skywalker that Palpatine cloned himself and hid the copies of himself from the galaxy on planets like Exegol. Nala Se is most likely the figure behind all of that. At least we know that she will survive and live a mostly pampered life through the Empire. 

I Have Spoken

There it is, the first season of The Bad Batch. Sixteen episodes was a nice length for the season, and it feels that they did an excellent job with the storytelling. Every filler episode had served a purpose; whether it was to show the Empire’s rise or to give more backstory on our main characters, there was some importance to them. 

Omega had grown a lot through the first season, and it will be exciting to see where she is at by the next one. I am also very excited to see Crosshair’s fate. He decided to stay back from riding off into the sunset with his brothers and stayed on the platform to wait for the Imperial scouts to check out their destruction of Kamino and find any survivors. Crosshair probably doesn’t want to join the group and live life as a fugitive, but this was his chance to fake his death and get away.

Nala Se Being Delivered to Her New Station

What are your thoughts on the finale for The Bad Batch or the entire season in general? Are you excited for season 2? Please comment down below or on the Facebook page! 

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