The Bad Batch: War Mantle Review

This is one of the best openings for an episode yet. Clone Trooper Gregor is running through the woods of the mysterious planet, Daro, at night, and he’s got some nasty creatures on his tail. The creatures on his tail look like Massiffs, the reptile-looking dogs used by the Tusken Raiders. The exciting chase ends with Gregor being stunned by the Empire’s new TK troopers and taken away. But before they could get him, he was able to drop a tracking beacon under a log.

The Return of Rex

The gang is heading back from their last mission for Cid when Rex calls them for help. Rex had gotten Gregor’s distress call and passed it off to the bad batch due to him being “a little tied up at the moment.” They understand the urgency of Rex’s call, but they also need to get paid by Cid. When it comes down to it, we all know they will answer Rex’s call for help. 

Rex talking to the Bad Batch

The Empire 

Now that the Empire had gotten their use from the clones and successfully infiltrated and destroyed the Jedi Order, there is no use for them. The clones are officially phasing out of necessity. The Empire has turned to recruit people from around the galaxy to join their ranks. 

That also means the end for the Kaminoans. Lama Su is well aware of their soon-to-be fate and he doesn’t trust the Empire. Now that they have canceled all of their contracts with the Kaminoans, he understands the only possible outcome is that the Empire will destroy the Kaminoans and their facilities. 

The Empire knows someone would be willing to pick up the contract and build an army with the Kaminoans to fight the Empire’s presence in the galaxy, and they can’t let that happen. They’ve seen firsthand how effective the clones are and do not want to take the risk. Perhaps Lama Su and the rest of the chosen Kaminoans will head to Bora Vio to lay low and out of the Empire’s presence. That is if they can escape in time.

The Mountain

Hunter’s abilities had led the gang to a hidden Imperial base inside the Mountain on Daro. They sent Wrecker and Omega back to the ship to be their backup, which was a good call because this place will be swarming with Imps. Hunter is skeptical about the mission, and he should be, it’s going to be a dangerous move trying to bust Gregor out, but Fives takes this mission personally and convinces them to save him. 

Echo, Wrecker, Hunter, Tech and Omega in a scene from “STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH”, exclusively on Disney+. © 2021 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

While the gang sneaks around the base to locate Gregor, the music composition, as well as the shots and pace, is very close to what we see in A New Hope as Luke and the gang snuck around the Death Star to save Leia. Dave Filoni absolutely nailed the excitement perfectly and gave great homage to what started it all.

Tech had a good plan, but what he didn’t realize is that they are no longer using clones, therefore none of his codes will work. The new replacements are from all over, and as Gregor said, there is an endless supply of them. Though they may not be as effective as the clones, their new armor is very helpful with getting stunned. 

Omega is turning into a very skilled pilot. Under the chaos of blaster fire and more, she was able to stay calm and move the ship in for Tech and Gregor to at least jump in before the TK fighters came flying in to attack. 

Gonky helped save the day, but the gang lost Hunter. Now that he is under the possession of the TK troopers and in a cell, there is one person who will be dying to see him. Crosshair, who has been hunting everyone down for some time now, will be very relieved to know that he has at least one of the defective clones now under arrest. 


Lama Su’s plan to escape Kamino had failed. Rampart doesn’t trust a word Lama Su says, so after he discovered that Nala Se was trying to recruit other scientists to escape, he knew he was behind it. Rampart knows that Nala Se was only doing what she was told to do, and he also knows that he will have great use for her medical and cloning abilities in the Empire. 

I Have Spoken

Do you think that Nala Se could have been one of the top scientists behind the Emperor’s cloning? We know he was a clone in The Rise of Skywalker, and we know in, The Mandalorian they want to clone Grogu. 

Drop a comment down below or on the Facebook page and share your thoughts. This was one of the best episodes yet. It resembled classic Star Wars very closely and nailed the excitement of a thrilling search and rescue mission. 

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