The Bad Batch “Rescue on Ryloth” Review

The title of this episode reveals what to expect. We will pick up where “Devil’s Deal” ended and travel back to Ryloth. There is plenty of drama occurring on this planet as the government transition occurs, and it seems that Captain Howzer has been caught in the crossfire. His chip doesn’t seem to be affecting the way that he thinks. There is conflict within him. He knows that this new Empire is up to no good, but that is his new employer, and he’s been trained to follow orders. 

Howzer and Admiral Rampart

Hera and Omega

The relationship that sparked between Hera and Omega was a beautiful one to watch. They quickly became friends, close enough for Omega to feel confident enough to share their communications channel with her. She gave it to Hera because she could sense there was tension back on her planet. The bad batch had delivered weapons to them, so it’s clear there is trouble on Ryloth and in Hera’s life. Hera knows that she should only use the communications channel if it’s desperately needed, and she did just that. 

As she reached out to the bad batch, Omega had vouched for her and the trouble that surrounds her. It’s a good thing she did because the Empire has Crosshair and his squad of Elite troopers looking for Hera. The bad batch didn’t realize whose child she is. She belongs to Cham Syndulla, the freedom fighter. He is a well-known military figure in the galaxy and has a lot of influence on his planet. That is something the Empire is well aware of and desperate to cut off. 

A Military Invasion

After the bad batch had done some scouting, Tech found out the numbers they are up against. The most alarming thing? The numbers are similar to those on Raxus, a planet that fought for the Confederacy. Ryloth was loyal to the Republic and technically this new Empire, so why would they move in enough soldiers for a military invasion? Because the Empire is up to no good, and they are seizing control by force. 

Hera and Omega

The Syndulla family has too much pull on the planet, and they can influence the population in ways that Taa or the Empire could never. They are desperately looking for Hera so that they will be able to use her as leverage to get Cham to convince the public to go along with the Empire’s orders. Howzer’s sympathy toward the Syndulla family and Hera is stronger than the chip, or there is just no effect from the chip at all. As he begs the Syndulla family for her location to find and protect Hera, they are skeptical, and rightfully so. 

The Refinery

Hera already has a plan for the bad batch. She’s scouted the refinery and took notes on their schedules. Hera, at such a young age, has proven herself to be a strategic mind. With Hera teamed up with the bad batch, they will be a difficult force for the Empire to stop. She and Omega both have very clever minds, and so their plan to hijack a shuttle and the ease they did it with is just evidence of that. 

The rain of fire they had sent upon the refinery was pretty epic. Wrecker was stoked to finally blow stuff up because it had been quite a while since we last saw them inflict some serious chaos. Hera’s natural talents with flying came into play. She hijacked the shuttle and quickly figured out how to fly it. The refinery destruction will affect the Empire, but so will losing their prisoners. The plan to attack the refinery as a diversion almost worked perfectly, only if it weren’t for that meddling Crosshair. 

Crosshair is well aware of how the bad batch thinks, so he can figure out the type of plans they create rather quickly. Captain Howzer, who is not affected by the inhibitor chip, saw Crosshair figure out the bad batch’s plan, so he went to warn the fleeing team and prisoners. He gave a very convincing argument as to why they should still trust him, and they listened. It proved to work in their favor as they found a different way to escape. Crosshair’s squad would have killed them if they put up a fight, or they would just be thrown back in prison. 

The Bad Batch, Captain Howzer, and the Freedom Fighters

They were able to escape off the planet and escape the clutches of the Empire on Taa’s personal shuttle on the top floor. Hera and Tech flew the remaining members of the bad batch back to rendezvous with the team. Before the Syndulla’s left, we saw another beautiful moment between her and Omega. They have become good friends, so hopefully, we will see more of the Syndullas in the future.

Before the end, we saw the chaos they left the refinery in. Crosshair has new orders to hunt down the bad batch, and now they will have to worry about Crosshair and the elite troopers. Now, this should get interesting. 

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