Who the Force is That?! Depa Billaba

Hello everyone, welcome to the Sandcrawler blog. Today’s episode of “who the force is that” will be looking at a Jedi we just got a closer look at in the Bad batch premiere. Depa Billaba. A former member of the Jedi council and the Jedi master to Caleb Dume. 

Who is she?

Depa Billaba was born on Chalcata and was taken by space pirates after they had killed her parents. Mace Windu had saved her and took her into the Jedi Order following those events. She then became Windu’s padawan, and she grew strong in the force, eventually earning herself a spot in the Jedi Council. She was renowned for her abilities with the lightsaber and favored Form III while teaching other Jedi. 

She was there when Qui-Gon Jinn had introduced Anakin to the council and explained how he found him. She was able to watch Anakin grow up into the powerful Jedi and later sith that he would become.

During the clone wars, she had done several important missions. One of the missions, on Haruun Kal, had left her badly injured. Her battalion suffered extremely high casualties, around ninety percent, and she was left in a coma. She spent six months in the Jedi infirmary recovering and after, before being reinstated on the Jedi Council, she had to pass a fitness assessment to make sure she had recovered entirely. 

She passed with flying colors, and following the reinstatement, she had shown interest in the young Caleb Dume. His naturally curious mind had impressed her as well as his willingness to question just about everything around him. 

Later on, as Kenobi showed younglings around, he had taken them to the beacon in the Jedi temple’s security system. He had shown the Jedi how important the tool is because it can call all the Jedi back to the temple in times of peril. Dume’s curious mind led him to ask Kenobi if it can be used to send a message of warning telling the Jedi not to come back. A bit of foreshadowing to the future. Again, this had caught Billaba’s interest and showed her that he has a strategic mind. 

She and Dume

Shortly after these events, Dume had gone to Billaba to talk to her. While talking to her, the Jedi temple was bombed by Rackham Sear, a captain in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. She had helped save Caleb and keep him safe. After this traumatic event they shared, she had taken him up as her padawan. 

Three weeks after the event, she felt Dume was ready for his kyber crystal. She took him to one of the thousands of Jedi temples across the galaxy, where Dume faced his deepest fears and earned his crystal. 

As seen in The Bad Batch, she had suffered a sad death. She did what a good master should and saved the young Caleb Dume from the clones. She held them off as best as she could, and it was enough to allow him to hide. Luckily, Hunter was not affected like Crosshair, and so Caleb was able to escape. 

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